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  1. good quick guide... if your having trouble finding the beacons just check the mini-map for the same symbol that blaze is beside
  2. thanks for the help :thumbsup:
  3. i think that a trout:salmon ratio of 2:1 is more accurate than 3:1. What I usually do is take the 2 numbers tip.it gives you on the calc and find the average(median number? never paid any attention to those definitions in math) of those 2 numbers--> If i buy that many feathers it usually gets me to my target level. to be cautious buy a few hundred (or thousand) more depedning on how great the margin between the 2 numbers is.
  4. So I wanna get my fishing up to 70 soon so that in the long run it will be easier to level it. Before i do that I wanna know what the best fish to... :roll: fish are. I dont really need money so that would be secondary but cooking exp would be nice. And i have done Shilo Village so if just doing salmon there is good then tell me. And if possible (not trying to ask for too much jsut guesstimate) what are the exp rates/hour in any given location...
  5. mine coal like a mad man :twisted:
  6. unlike what everyone else says i would have to advise you not to become a member yet, simply because with high levels youll be able to do so much more and expeirience that 'full blast' some one mentioned earlier. Trust me i have been a member with 2 different accounts. The first time i had stats around yours. It was hard to start quests and stuff therefore harder to open up new ways to make money or train (for example shilo village or the grand tree to name a couple). sure becoming p2p will help you train way faster but youll spend a lot of time training as a member while you couldve done it when you werent paying! I just subscribed with the second account at the beginning of july and it has been a much better eperience than the first time. More quests were available and skills were so much easier to start and train quickly (mainly because i had saved enough money as a f2per thru all my skilling.) My total level was 950 when i became p2p. this may be too excessive so maybe 800 is best to become p2p.
  7. if you wish to update guide a little bolts are at 75gp on ge as of today!
  8. keep this guide alive! its genius!! dan i also have a question... do mith bolts really sell better than unfinished bolts? i know i sold 5k unf mith bolts in a second on G.E so i was just wondering if you got mixed up between the two in your guide...
  9. nice guide...finally a way to make money from smithing!
  10. nice little scale 11.8 btw =) and i dont play all day :lol: [/code]
  11. wow u had 5 sum thin total on aug 19th and its only sept 7th now and u have 829! thats more than me and ive been playing forever!
  12. join as a member on the forums using the link birdboy gave u and post there! then ull get some real reaction from our developers :D
  13. ressurection! ---> 3 months later and were still wokring! :D
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