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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. I wouldn't be too happy with the idea. The thing I like about RuneScape is that everyone starts out on equal footing (what happens from there is up to you), but with games that do offer race/class selection, you'll find that all races have advantages & weaknesses. Unless choosing a race was purely cosmetic (& perhaps a different respawn location for each race), I think it would throw things off balance. And as someone mentioned before, story lines in quests & lores also restrict what/where your character of a certain race could do, wear, BE etc...
  4. Hopefully he doesn't send us on another scavenger hunt again...
  5. First article.. interesting. Second.. Perfect time to say "go with the flow".
  6. The people here figuring the stuff out are epic.. :thumbsup:
  7. If I visited RSOF right now, would I be surprised if the people over there were acting like it's the end of the world..?
  8. Remove the spider just to tick AFKers off. :D
  9. New skill for P2P + F2P. :o Interesting how this will turn out..
  10. Years ago on an old account, I got killed by the level 2 woman in Falador while carrying all my money (I was level 16 & had around 10k).
  11. Even if they did, which mature person would actually care?
  12. This just in... SOUTH AFRICA IS WIN. There, I said it. I'm not withdrawing it. And now you all have to live with it. My dad's going, but I'll be stuck in school. :( Really want to go, because by that time I'll get to see my new baby cousin (fresh from the freezer) & the rest of my family. Don't really know who to root for though.
  13. Fort Minor is probably the most underrated band/artist of the 21st Century. The singles Mike Shinoda released should have peaked on charts, found it incredibly hard to believe that they didn't. The stuff he writes about is far more meaningful than 99% of mainstream Hip Hop & Rap; meaning his tracks aren't based off girls, fast cars, money or drugs. Funny thing is, whenever I refer a friend to FM, they get hooked straight away & before you know it they've got all the songs. Damn, this world works in funny ways.
  14. Forerunner

    Sims 3

    Dowloading it now (legally, keep your pants on). Have to wait for 2 more hours & 40 more minutes. The suspense is killing me. Looks like it will be done by midnight... :wall:
  15. [hide=Mega Fail] My guess would be poison And/or rings of recoil. + Vengeance other, maybe?[/hide] Yes, I realise I posted that a bit late. ^^ Anyway, impressive feat. Were you the guy on RSOF looking for people to cast Venge Other?
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