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  1. Oh its been a while, work and nothing really major happened. Stats, invent, gear I realized picking up iron bars was a BIG WASTE OF TIME for levels. So I just quested it. Quests: I think I'm top 160~ ultimate iron man now (I did hunter for total levels lol). I am currently camping troll generals in troll strong hold for an addy sq shield drop. I need to get ghost ahoy done after this clue. I figure mage exp is mage exp so might as well pray for some rune items/msb form a clue.
  2. Mini update: I'm doing slayer and got a medium. I was on my 2nd part and I'm having a hard time thinking of how to get a adamant square shield other than getting access to troll generals and camping them. Bone dagger is the easy quest chain in lumbridge castle and mith platebody is armor shop. I'll hold onto this clue for a day or two and try my luck for the shield drop I guess. Makes me do the quests either way.
  3. To many screenshots to spam the blog with so here is just a stat pic instead I have nothing equipped I will be alching/dropping the rune scim for recruitment drive. Finally realized I needed to stop hording stuff in my inventory for skilling reasons. I will be questing/killing stuff for 37 prayer soon for MM and dragon slayer. I need 34 smithing for steel nails so I will loot the iron bar spawn in wilderness, tele to fally, walk to dorics anvil and repeat till 34. I plan on getting an MSB via clues. Witch that first clue sucked hard. I had to get a black platebody and mith pickaxe. I sold the black plate right back to the shop when I was done with it. Edit: Just realized I am almost top 200 for ultimate ironmen O_o
  4. I thought I saw you log back on when i was wc the other day. I actually like the new update, trying out ultimate now! nice progress though so far!
  5. I have a feeling I wont be doing fairy tale for fairy rings any time soon untill I find a way to get an avantoe......
  6. Update time!!!! I'm going to try to find a perfect mixture of the old format I used before on Iron Matt07 vs this horrible "throw all pics" into one post bs I did for the last two updates. I will be doing one more update tonight before I hit the hay as well as I just got home and finally got some free time to do a good post this crappy blog doesn't deserve. Side note I forgot to cancel my subscription and apparently wasted 2 months on my other iron man so I'm afk wood cutting/fishing on that while I play UltimateWink. May throw in screen shots of both. I don't want to focus on that account cause I can not prove I didn't cheat and I am having WAY to much fun with this ultimate mode. QUESTS STATS INVENTORY, GEAR, STATS I apologize if I missed a few screenshots. I didn't update for 2 days I think so thats just way to much. Remember the early part of any account is spamy with levels and basic quests! I'm off tonight and tomorrow so I may get a lot done on runescape depends on real life. Would any one be interested in a stream of this account. It is kinda fun trying to think of ways to level skills and debate what to do every night. I thought training rc to laws would be good for slayer but I decided that is a stupid idea. Earth runes in east var is my second go to now. My RC is still 1 but just theory crafting the best way to help the account.
  7. Level ups and Quests Stats, Iventory, Equpiment So I decided to get fletching done; however, instead of selling bow (U) to shops on this account like I did on ironmatt I decided to make arrows. Bronze arrow tips are 1 gp if you world hop when the shop in catherby is at max stock. So I made 1185 arrows and used them on various creatures. Cows had the lowest defense I could find so I trained crafting. The cash came from selling leather body/hard leather bodies to the general store. I should of bought runes with this money but I want to slay tonight so I'm going to make 1k+ iron arrows. I will probably update the invent picks every couple of posts and every time I update my armor you all will get to see. Off to train more tonight probably wont do any quests tonight just want to slay to Netflix I think. 8 laws are from a quest and 2 from a creature drop I'm valuing them over coins atm for magic when I get there. I currently value inventory space over my time for getting basic stuff like axes and lobster pots.
  8. Took 5 tries got the spoiler tags finally. I think it was needed on this update.... Just going to be fletching tonight for arrows then grand tree, fight arena, etc (all the easy safe spot quests.)
  9. I have to agree, I tried to use the multiquest guide that's in a paste bin and quickly realized I just need to do one quest at a time. I for see having to go range/mage for slayer for the most part. Today I did all the f2p quests (minus dragon slayer) and started working on movement quests (gliders, fairy tale[i hope to get very lucky here], fishing tourney, etc) I'm going to edit this post later tonight with a pretty massive update. I will do all the easy exp quests after I get these out the way. If i fail grand tree I will lose everything. Questing just has to come first on an iron man account (I learned that on iron matt07 pretty fast) Account had the first death today, however I was able to get back to where I was. In the future I see quests, fishing to lobsters/tuna for food Edit: I died during waterfall so yeah lost everything, going to just go make some money so i can get a flyfishing rod/lobster pot and power train fishing I think. OSbuddy took screenshots of my whole client so no screenshots of the levels today.... or quests.... However I did die and its time to get back to playing. I'm just going to punch chickens for feathers and thieve for coins for the rod/lobster pot. Have to re-claim the stone, urn, and necklace for water fall. Most of my stats are from from questing.
  10. Duck this quest man........ this took an hour of my life away.
  11. Going to revamp the front page. Revamping the front page will come later as I need to tend to some stuff around the house tonight (hellow laundry and cleaning!) I made an ultimate iron man(wtf is wrong with me). This will be fun! I know longer work overnights, I work day shift and full time now. I plan on starting this one like the last, quest my butt off so hard. I picked up a red bead so imp catcher is high on my list to do tonight. 2nd plan of action is 70 agility like the last iron man. This one will take 1-2 weeks based on how much free time I get to play this game. I plan on cutting back the pics a bit and not spamming them as often. I'm not going to over plan this account (this will be copy pasted to the front post when I redo it) For new introductions to any one who has not seen my last blog (im just going on since it was an ironman) I am 23, work full time in a grocery store. I have played rs on and off since 2005/6. My main is ~1800rs3 total/~1500osrs which I do not play due to no reason in particular. I love grinding from time to time. My other iron man was ~1200 I think. I plan on afking this account for the most part and have no idea how I will get money. I will maybe do the steel plate bodies in wilderness. I don't think I will use the looting bag as much and plan out skilling should be a challenge. I'm not setting any long term goals this time and just playing to have fun.
  12. Going to quit rs again, was a fun 47 days though. Ended up at 112x total on iron man.
  13. So.. I was affected by the tornadoes on friday night. My entire neighborhood is out of power and i would say 1/25th of them have had trees fall onto their houses. A few trailers are over turned and one house is flattened. Mine is fine and I spent all day Saturday clearing debris with for my block. Just to go to work and have someone call out and spent 11 hours on a 7 hours shift. We probably cleared over 100 trees as a community. Nothing major but the power grid I'm on has had dozens of power poles, more snapped like twigs. No updates till I get power again because I'm tethering off my phone and generator to my house. Guess I lucked out having no trees in the yard.
  14. Big progress so far! MM left me at 58 hp, 60 attack, 59 str and 46 def.
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