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  1. formula for the crossbows and other junk is available. just search in wiki or runescape forums ppl do post their data and the result is in http://www.scape-xp.com/runescape-ranged-max-hit.html :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  2. dragon arrows look really weird when you shoot them
  3. so you guys saying I can go through those shortcuts even if I already finished the quest? :?
  4. lol no :D Once in a quest I was able to get in, but now it says that I need a map. So I thought some NPC would be able to give me that map. Now I see that its impossible Thanks for info
  5. image from salmoneus.net See those blue dots? Those are much closer from castle wars, how can I enter Ogres Cave through them? When I click on it it says something about a map, but doesn't say what map
  6. Have you tried Google? http://runehq.com/RHQCalcView.php?id=00705
  7. Saradomin cape would look much better 8-)
  8. Warrior Helm Amulet of Glory Saradomin Cape Abyssal Whip Rune Platebody & Platelegs Granite Shield Climbing Boots Ring of Wealth
  9. If no barrows or dragon armour, then wear runite :D
  10. Berserker is popular because it gives strength bonus I'am personally using Warrior Helm, because it gives Attack:Slash +5 bonus which is good if you have whip 8-)
  11. Rock Crabs in Relekka or Experiments (fenkenstrain quest req)
  12. Good Guide here: http://www.runescapers.com/guides/video/video_guide.php
  13. D Long is pretty good to train strength :)
  14. Wine of Zamorak is second ingredient for Ranging Potion :)
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