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  1. So this means I might finally have a chance at getting a lumberjack top to complement my 21 pairs of boots, 22 hats, and 17 pairs of pants?
  2. This is most amusing and fun to use.
  3. Well, let's agree that Jagex should more explicitly stated how it should have worked (piecewise vs. continuous) and that most likely it still won't go to plan. :P
  4. What makes that different from taking the separate areas under each of the regions, then averaging the total amount (I believe that this was suggested earlier).
  5. Looks like a piecewise function Jagex is stating, you'd have to do separate integral for each section instead of finding one overall function, no?
  6. A bit late, but I like the o-chem that's going on in the chat.
  7. I did enjoy getting spammed like 20x my first log in that i had 347 tasks complete. Also, 700k for all that, isn't that a bit OP'd? O.O I want that emote now though (I'm an achievement-aholic)
  8. I've thought about this idea in a similar fashion, but i pondered upon 'fusing' of different familiar-types. Want some health and storage? Fuse a healer and BoB. The hybrid would have to have a reduced healing amount and less spaces than either of the two parents and would require increased summoning levels to keep it fair.
  9. I guess I'm in the minority that liked the old gas mask better, mainly if only for my going around asking people "are you my mummy" :unsure:
  10. These all look rather amazing. Also, Turtle's still alive?!?
  11. [spoiler=99 Farming] About time... procrastinated several years for this xD Also, 16m agility exp soon Edit: agility cape (t) looks horrible compared to untrimmed :(
  12. Maybe it's only a little thing, but this makes me happy (and motivated to train construction again): "you'll be able to obtain strange rocks when constructing furniture in the Build mode of your POH"
  13. What is in a name anyways? What the person was actually named Daniel, but wasn't actually Jewish? Further, I'm confused what 'chance encounter' means and what would have come up. It was a short conversation and then sex: how on earth did she assume he would be a "Jewish bachelor interested in a serious romantic relationship." Unless that was his pick-up line. [hide=off-topic] why are you using the feminine short for evil on a masculine plural? [/hide]
  14. Heh, I learned to draw celtic knots when I was very young and have been fascinated with them ever since and draw them all the time. I look forward to this.
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