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  1. Im surprised nobody else has mentioned this yet. I've been cutting lots of willows lately, and I've noticed something that I find really annoying. I'll find a world for myself, then someone else will rock up, which is fine because theres lots of trees. Then the first thing they say is "wc lvl". And they expect me to tell them my level. Then everytime someone else comes along someone says "wc lvl". I can understand this if its meant as a conversation starter. But I've woodcut from level 65 to 70, and out of all the times I've tried to carry on the conversation I only had *one person* reply to me. So annoying.
  2. Seeing this post reminds me of a conversation I had with a level 102 at the Jellys yesterday. He said something about how he'd never seen such a high level with such a low ranged level (I was wearing blue dhide) (And Im only combat 89 so I dont know what he was getting at, but meh) So I tried to explain to him that I did most of my skill levelling in RSC, and havnt trained much range since RS2 (and hence arrows were harder to find pre RS2) He immediately launched into a rant about how I was a lying noob and wasnt in RSC. He knew this because his friend was there in the first year and fletching was always in RS. He also told me that I was lying when I told him about the night fishing was released, since that skills always been in RS. THat, and there was never a time without members. The best part though, was that I couldnt possible have done most of my levelling pre RS2, because according to his friend we werent allowed to transfer levels when RS2 came out. Everyone had to start over, but we were allowed to transfer our banks. The conversation ended with him calling me a "pothead", which was funny, and me teleing because I was done. Just goes to show, even high levels can be uninformed prats. As for the topic of the post, I remember when as I said above, Fishing came out. I remember buying a fishing rod (quite a feat with the overcrowding in the fishing shop, just talking to the shop keeper was tricky), and going to Karamja and selling it for like 2000 to someone who probably couldnt use it. I was so proud XD But then, I was stuck on Karamja because the customs officer could only talk to one person at once. People were selling tele runes for ridiculous amounts, but even that wasnt an option for me because I was all noob with level 1 magic XD
  3. My favorite thing aboutt he scythe is the attack styles. From memory one of them is "Harvest", and the other three are humorous aswell.
  4. I dont know for sure, but it seems the original poster isnt aware of the scythe drops that were dropped the year after masks. Like bunny ears they were dropped on the ground, but you could only pick up one (and they can be reobtained in Varrock). Were the scythes last halloween? Either way, I wouldnt be surprised if we do see something on Halloween this year, since Jagex seems to have worked out a decent way to do it (NPCs in towns for a week before and after that give one item per player, non tradable). But as has been said, no future holiday items will be tradable. It does surprise me though when I pull out my scythe or bunny ears, on members, the amount of people who dont know what they are. Surely I'm not *that* old ;P
  5. Except then we have the same problem that people will want to get the trade over and done with quickly because they think they're getting a good deal. And we know that scammers wont click it. Having it as an option would stop *SOME* scamming, but not as much as having it compulsory.
  6. Exactly, the cooking guild was made before fishing was released, back when if you wanted to level cooking you had to make things like pies, because they were the best exp. Now with fishing it takes an hour or two tops to get the required level. If any guild needs updating its cooking. :P
  7. I got an uncut diamond. Glad I chose it over 1000gp.
  8. This seems like dejavu to me. Back when I used to play solidly (Like 2 years ago) the same thing happened, Jagex was swamped with similar requests due to someone posting their info on this very forum, much like the current situation. Jagex started telling people a character age feature was going to be added and (as far as I know) one never was. But, I guess it stopped the queries ;P
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