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  1. It won't be that big lol. At most i'd expect it in a venue like Alexandra palace, the o2 and hyde park are enormous and only used for the highest budget events.
  2. Haha i do, well i did. Wood green in fact, couple stops north of Finsbury Park. I'm Staying in Essex for the the summer right now though.
  3. <3: I went to Bestival a few years back, won tickets at a Sunday Best album launch. Best festival in the UK by a million miles.
  4. Actually Heathrow is a lot bigger than Gatwick (think it's got 3 more terminals). Haha yeah, i actually meant Heathrow in my post, not sure how i got the two confused since i've lived on the piccadilly line for the past 5 years which goes right to Heathrow. #-o
  5. Depends where you're flying from really. Gatwick is the main airport for the south of the UK, it has a tube line that goes straight from the airport into the centre of London too.
  6. Blizzcon is roughly the same price (well it will be this year, previous years it was cheaper), and that's a 3 day event covering WoW, Starcraft and Diablo. It's also a pretty massive event with big announcements, PvP tourneys, panels and other spectacles. I'm not sure Runefest will offer the same value, especially considering it's a one-day thing.
  7. Even factoring in a generous margin of error that's pretty conclusive.
  8. www.Massively.com is where i go to find out about new MMO releases. It's generally a pretty reliable source for info.
  9. kemikalkadet

    HD Hell

    Did you check if it's outputting the signal in either interlaced or progressive-scan mode? My DvD player can switch between the 2 modes and when i select the wrong one i get a distorted mess like you described. What other people said is right though, any brand of cable should work fine.
  10. I tried it for a couple of days, the idea of a 2d platformer MMO seemed pretty cool and kind of novel. The game itself was godawful, i don't mind grind games if there's also something to do apart from the grind (at least runescape has loads of half decent minigames and a PvP system) from what i could tell, all maple story had was a couple of party quests, which were basically simple dungeons. Also hacking was rampant, i found i could level 4 times as fast if i found a map with someone using a monster vac to suck all the mobs to one spot and ust AoE'd their pile (there's no tapping system so you can just steal their kills). Was bored of it after a couple of days.
  11. Large pris are worth money on your server? they're like 5 gold each on mine.
  12. You're in a goons guild right Azvareth?
  13. Ramps is fast if the trash is grey to you. I solo heroic ramps sometimes on my warrior when i'm bored and you can skip the whole first corridor thing of trash.
  14. 3.1.3 atm i think. @darkdude Tier loots can be kind of confusing with their suffixes. Generally if it has .5 on the end it comes from the 25man version and if it doesnt it's from 10 man. So t7 would be 10-man naxx and t7.5 is 25 man naxx. Vault is a bit different because there's 2 tier levels in one instance, so 10-man archavon drops t7 and 10-man emalon drops t8. 25-man archavon drops t7.5 and 25-man emalon drops t8.5.
  15. No, you managed to miss pretty much all the good talents lol. Try something like this: http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#sZEMzhMZVfrtrIuhdIbsz
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