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  1. anyboady wanna post advice?
  2. humidify gives 65 xp wich is same as alch, this way is a bit slower but vials are hard to come by at GE definetly worth thinking about i hear plank make is good for xp
  3. thanks for that lunar drifter ill look into it :D
  4. oh, sorry ill change it :-#
  5. i have decided recently to train mt magic higher, i am currently alching, but i hear there are better ways for training mage using lunar, i am currently 90 mage and i ahve completed Lunar Diplomacy, Dream Mentor and Desert Treasure. i am looking for a good way to train mage, possibly better then alching? any help would be greatly appreciated :thumbsup: spelt train wrong in the title thanks to tom for pointing that out :wall:
  6. Im looking forward to the lending item update, hope you can charge for lending items :twisted:
  7. i dont think that jagex are killing the game, jsut getting rid of the non skill based ways of making money, i dont like to generalise but most merchanters and stakers are gennerally aggresive people and oftern lash out at me :?.
  8. your right, i hate to say it, but your right, the worst type of runescape is offencive, i treat all players with the same respect wether there level 3, 13 or 113 but the things i dont appreciate is when people just turn to insultiong, for example, a level 76 trades me, so i take a look, he offers whip and asks; do i want to buy? i reply; no thank you. then i am bombarded by insults of how i couldant afford a whip and that why and how much of a noob i am. noob isent a leve, its a frame of mind. i trained my accont from level 3, learnt it all by myself, scamming, bing lured etc. (never been scammed or lured : ) now at level 112 i am proud of my acheivement and commitment, then some obnotius kid, probubly a merchant decides its appropriate to call me a noob, its got to the stage where i just dont care anymore, wich could be a good thing. Runescape is made for plaing and having fun, not tring to make some ones life worse by bombarding them with insults. playres are to be treated with respect as i will treat you, unless you loose it -.- P.S. i always have my pm on freinds :-k
  9. polos

    NO! I WON'T.....

    i think the best solution would be to get members, because i never get asked any of them questions, or just dress like a noob :wink: , works for me also
  10. i beat the mini with full dh, cook cape, climbing boots, barrows gloves, whip, rune defender, 2 super att 4 dose 3 normal strength pots 3 defense pot, 1 sara brew dose, 7 swordfish and the rest tuna and i got down to something like 27 hp on lancelot and 3 hit killed him \ im lvl 107 with (89/90/80)
  11. well i was gonna buy loads of willow logs and some guy goes, "will you come to edge bank" so i was thinking, look out for scam then he asks me to meet at the bridge and at this point im on like red alert, so i bank my cash and bring out my blk d hide food dds etc. get there and hes dropped 200k in the wildy, he shows me the logs to try and convince me he aint scammer so i was thinking ill run grab the cash and get out, somehow he manages to entagle and i stand there thinking o well im dead, and he dds specs me 0,3 so i dds spec back 21 13 3 dds specs later hes dead and im 2 mill richer in willow logs \
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