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  1. You see? What did I tell you guys? I'm through arguing. Perhaps if this board were to make attitude adjustments, I'd be more sincere. Until that happens, I'll just consider TIF to be run by incompetent moderators and flaming trolls.
  2. If Jagex doesn't have Runescape back up by tomorrow morning I'm seriously going to laugh my head off. Their management team sucks ass.
  3. You people are some of the worst behaved, ill tolerant users I ever come across on a forum board. It's typical for many of you to flame the writers of the article without really going into detail about the actual content. Once again, Racheya gets the flame bait for what? Posting another Tip It Times article? There should be proper Constructive Criticism and debate following the date of the typing. Instead, all you guys can come up with is insulting the users with no proper consensus of 'what the hell is going on' type of discussion. I too, have lose faith in Jagex over the years, but I have not given up. Seems like you fellows already have. Creativity over at Jagex Studios is misplaced. Maybe lost, though I believe they're not living up to full potential. The only article I have to put aside is the second one. The author goes into great detail about the 'corporation' being an obsolete institution. However, that does not fully relate to Runescape itself. It is better fit for the Economist or the New York Times, where actual businessmen take note and pass ideas onto others. Any one of you who so blatantly puts 95 percent of the articles as 'high school' writing, make your own goddamn article. You guys are pathetic. Once more as I look at your profiles I find that several of you are still of high school age. Anywhere from 13-25 describes the general average of the Tip It community. Which as I must take note, age is irrelevant to immaturity. Do you want to make yourself more mature? Then show it. I've replied to you people again and again. If all you're going to do is discredit writing as a insignificant source, you need to pursue other activities. This board sickens me.
  4. Sorry Bladewing, this wasn't some kid who did a cut-n-paste job of an article just for the hell of it. I use the RSOF every day on a regular basis and nobody told me that the developers were these intelligent, well mannered kids that know Java. I have used the coding myself and it is very complex. He must be pretty smart to be making that much money off of a program that he helped code. If this was a quickie topic that offered little thinking I would not even bother to post in it. My problem is that most people on this board don't post directly relating to the discussion that the topic creator started. We should be offering feedback related to the discussion with a few suggestions to make the article better. Instead we are discrediting him because he didn't provide any sources to back up his article. Yeah sure, I see the reason, but that gives no excuse to just attack him based on those areas alone. I see this again and again with newer users of Rune Tip It that decide to post an article or question the audience based on their opinions and research. This is why I don't post here anymore. He could of done a better job, but we can be the supporters of this article. I support because this has been a ongoing issue that Jagex has failed to comply. It just goes to show that elitism prevails in these parts.
  5. I'll give you a good reason everybody, why I stopped posting on these boards. This is the only time I am going to say this. Whatever the reason, Tip Iters have this biased, aggressive notion towards new members of the board. Last Spring, I was foolishly given warnings for what looked to be me attacking other people because of strong opinions. It was on topics like this one, and I get a warning when all I was doing was posting out a honest opinion. Yeah, I hardly did anything. I just defensively went and opposed the other person's argument. He just then proceeded to attack me in such ways that promote hostility in an open battlefield. Now look at this situation. I see a new user post his research on macros and bots. After so many discussions and opposing viewpoints, people in here decide to shoot him down because it lacks sources. If I was the Moderator of this board and saw all of this going on, I would be issuing warnings left and right. It is alright to debate and disagree, but don't attempt to discredit his work for being a new user without a source. Especially if this was his first attempt to post an article. I also see people attack those based on their stats. If this was a topic created by a person with maxed stats, he would get more recognition than someone who is say, 80-100 Combat and only 60M Experience. They attack him/her because he/she doesn't have the status symbol. If you want more attention and feedback I would advise posting on the RSOF, Sal's Runescape Forum, or RuneHQ. Rune Tip It has some of the meanest, worst behaved users I have seen from any Runescape fansite. Even Racheya tends to get shot down when she posts her Tip It articles. I just don't understand why everybody has to be so hostile. But the prime reason for this hostility on this topic is because of lack of sources. Unlike many people here I actually thought it was a good read. It surprised me as well to see that a 17 year old kid was one of the developers of one of the most used macro programs. Bot programs are being sold on the Internet at a cheap price. I don't like to see cheaters gain an unfair advantage just as much as the next person. You still got bots at Aubrey's. You still got bots at Red Chinchompas. You still got bots using Sorceress Garden. You still got bots crowding a Yew tree in F2P. The list goes on. Jagex hasn't done a damn thing, and I'm concerned about the future of Runescape. Will they take action or will they just let it slide to the point where it can't be fixed? Someone on the RSOF mentioned to me that War of Legends is another game that Jagex has neglected. On one server there is one particular bug that has posed a significant problem for the game. Jagex has notified months ago that they will fix the game and get rid of the bug. So far, there has been nothing. Even Funorb hasn't seen any recent activity. The last time a J MOD really did anything there was in September 2010. That was six months ago. I would just like to know what the hell is going on over there. To me it looks like some of you really don't care if Runescape falls apart or not. I know there are a few Tip Iters that I actually got along with, but I noticed that the trolls tend to hang on either here in General or over in Rants. Kindly point out what needs changing for this article. I thought it was a great read.
  6. I've been going on several posts in RSOF over the past few months hoping that Jagex will come to their senses about this. So now it stands that they no longer care. I supported probably around a hundred topics on botting. Giving my piece of advice along with everyone elses. There is no macro detection system, only us.
  7. I've spent 20 years playing video games. Ranging from the simple Mario platformers to the complex, in-depth MMORPGs we have today. In all that time, I've spent at least 400 days behind a computer screen. Watching television is more or less around 300 days in total, I don't know. Then I find hundreds of people on the Internet who easily surpass everything I ever did in just a few years time. Now I've been around people who barely have time for anything. On the opposite side, I find people who do nothing but PLAY. Certain people which I won't mention were always on no matter what time of day. Years ago I happened to log onto Runescape on a Monday morning at 4 a.m. on a school night. One person was on, and he was from the same timezone as I was. Same age as I was, yet was always logged in. He eventually stopped talking to me on PM and I deleted him from my Friends List. Haven't heard from him since. I can prove there are people out there who have been playing every day for years and years, because they are addicts. I think this video does nothing but stereotype. On some nights, I decide to keep away from Runescape, spending the evening watching videos on Youtube or ordering DVDs on Netflix. Other nights, I may find myself spending 4-5 hours grinding a skill. It all depends on what I want to do, and what you want to do. I've met several people in-game who have achieved an entire year's worth of gameplay in just two years. I can't do that, but some people can. Anything that happens to me in Runescape stays in Runescape. I don't need that to be affecting my real life as it is. Right now I am struggling to find myself a steady job and keep up with increasing college work, so I find Runescape to be a temporary escape from that harsh reality. I play at my own pace, and that is all that matters. While I strongly disagree with the video, having gaming take over your life is just asking yourself for trouble.
  8. This was very interesting and I always wanted to know how people made them. I can't believe it's taken me this long to finally realize. Thanks. I'll have to try this out when I get more free time.
  9. I just recently switched to Maples from Raw Fish. Fish was always considered to be my spare money, with Herbs being pure profit in themselves. Based on what I'm hearing, I'll be making money with seeds.
  10. There is a good reason why I don't post here much. I'm sorry but TIF has too many hardcore elitists for me to really stay and enjoy having a nice little chat. We're also quite biased against lower levels, meaning that what they think doesn't apply to the maxed level with Overloads, Turmoil, a Yak, and a ton of cash in their bank.
  11. I don't fully agree with this new plan... Woodcutting and Mining are just about two of the most botted skills in the entire game. So when Jagex decides to remove 75 Woodcutting from a character, to say level 30 or so, that's not going to let the person who owns the bot account to quit playing. Rather it's like putting someone on probation but is still breaking the rules and failing to comply with others. So this comes across to me as baffling. The Report Abuse option isn't that effective anymore? If IP Banning can't be done, than what will?
  12. Decided to upload my A-log for today (Hint: 1 year Anniversary)
  13. Some PCS go for $3000-4000, so a good PC for $1000 seems reasonable... Unfortunately in today's market you have to keep buying them in order to keep up. My Windows XP can no longer handle present day games due to the sheer amount of RAM and speed they require in order to play.
  14. Recently it has been announced that Apple no longer supports Java. So if you happen to play Java based games (Runescape) and hope to update your Java on a Mac, good luck doing so. Any thoughts, concerns, suggestions?
  15. A better comparison is looking at 2006 and now. Completely different generation and a vastly different aspect of how people view the game.
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