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  1. *I am using Nox Staff but for some reason my ability damage caps at Blood Blitz instead of Barrage.


    If I am fighting something with a lot of HP (current example - GWD2 bosses, 200k HP) which one is better ?


    With my current setup:

    Blood Blitz - 1982 ability damage.

    Ruby Aurora - 1965 ability damage.


    No idea how often the Ruby activates, how long it lasts and how it stacks but if it's simple multiplicative:

    1965*1.03 = 2024 damage at max stacks.


    It's somewhat cheaper too.


    Nevermind. I totally forgot that the Aurora doesn't buff you, only your allies.


    Out of curiosity, what would be the effect if you put Ruby Aurora on your mainhand and Emerald Aurora on your offhand ?

  2. Batch 1 is combat related, they will release the majority of the skilling stuff later on so right now - mediocre melee buffs for insane maintenance.


    > There is a perk which turns poison into healing and afaik it works against Araxxor. This one is the better IMO.

    > There is one that if you grind enough and you're lucky you can get to rank 4, so +4% chance to crit hit.

    > There are two nice for slayer - one of them slightly prolongs tasks (slightly is like 5-6 more kills per tasks on average) and another one taht gives up to 5% damage on slayer tasks "depending on how far you are through your Slayer task"

    > There are some nice tanking perks too


    In general the problem is not that the perks are underwhelming (and a lot of them are) but the insane maintenance you have to put up with.


    I'd say the biggest bonus is that you can turn those pesky non-degradable T70s to degradable, so we can finally have some consistency.

  3. 1.5 charge per tick, so 9000 charges per hour for a t90 weapon. Costs 3 divine charges, which is a bit over 110k if made using incandescent energy.




    E: Does anyone know how much XP you get if you disassemble an augmented item compared to using an equipment siphon on it? Is it double xp for disassembling the whole thing compared to just using a siphon?


    Sorry for the late answer, by the looks of it, they give the same exp. (both give 540k at level 10)*. The bonus for disassemble is that you dont waste time gathering mats for the siphoning thingamabob


    *Some fella told me how much he got from siphoning, take it with a grain of salt

  4. Sad, Sad. This really reduces the possible combos considering that at least for now the number of usable perks aint high. If nothing else you can combo the weapon with 2 out of those 3:

    +1% chance per rank to critically hit opponent. (up to 5% I guess)

    Your minimum damage is capped to x% per rank of your maximum damage.

    Increased adrenaline gain with basic abilities


    Since those 3 are universally good.



    And you can make some hybrid pants/top with:

    3% per rank chance a slain creature will add zero kills to its Slayer contract; 2% per rank chance it will add 2 kills.

    Deal up to 5% extra damage depending on how far you are through your Slayer task



    Not sure if 2% damage against demons/dragons/undead is worth mentioning if it doesn't stack.

  5. Heck they could've increased shop limits to introduce an extra cash-sink as well while we're at it.


    TBH right now I'd say it's useless to go past 45 (you can augment pants at 45).


    Just get that, put "Increased adrenaline gain with basic abilities" on all of your weapons/tops/armors and call it a day.


    Not sure if perks can stack tho'


    You can have up to 6 gizmos each having up to 2 perks (if lucky the 2nd one aint a debuff) (2 weapon, 2 armor, 2 pants)


    other somewhat useful perks include (if stacking):

    - Deal +2% damage to demons/dragons/undead (for a total of 12%)
    - Deal up to 5% extra damage depending on how far you are through your Slayer task (for a total of 30%)
    - Provoke affects enemies in a 3x3 square around its target (for the ultimate AFK training)
    - 3% per rank chance a slain creature will add zero kills to its Slayer contract; 2% per rank chance it will add 2 kills. (no idea how that works, 3% chance of it not counting the kill so you can prolong the task is my best bet)

    - Poison received heals life points instead of causing damage. (probably doesnt work anywhere worthwhile)
    - +1% chance per rank to critically hit opponent. (I think I've seen rank 5 on some perks ? so this is potentially up to 30%)

    - Anticipate lasts one additional second per rank, but no longer reduces damage taken. (if stacking - potentially ... permanent Anticipate ?)

    - Your minimum damage is capped to x% per rank of your maximum damage. (This should count as an increase of average damage right ?)


  6. We've come to the point that people complain about BONUS exp on a MODE of the game.

    The whole point of DS is to grind LESS. Heck the bonus should be even bigger.


    Someone go tell those fools at Jagex that Gnome Adv Course is messed up in Darkscape. I'm f2p and I'm not supposed to be getting any bxp & I don't want any bxp.


    Who's the fool?


    Has DarkScape been steady or is it dying out?



    It does seem to be sitting at a stable 800-1000 people

  7. I'm a person of results .. when any of you beats my ranking I may agree that Linza needs gold.


    The only gold-spending card I need is the one for +3 durability because .. [bleep] Raptor, that's why.


    Attack boosting cards that give no durability are practically useless for Linza. The problem is not the attack. It's the durability. And she has at least 3 monsters I can think of right now that boost weapons. Put in 1-2 for an actual weapon. Culinaromancer because .. why not ? The penguin. Green Dragon .. there is no need for gold spenders really, unless ofcourse you want to draw bricks.

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