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  1. The other day, someone just spammed a bunch of Shayzien supply crates on the ground at the GE. In other news, I managed to get 99 Farming today! :D It was a nice little side project I worked on as a daily task.
  2. Sad to see it go. :( I never did play it that much, but I did want to get back into it eventually.
  3. That moment when you're on your way to complete a Gargoyles task and tab out for a moment, but forget you were standing in the area with aberrant spectres.
  4. Yeah, pretty much. Achievement diary cape is a nice goal to go for though since it's the next “big achievement” after getting quest cape, and I'm not quite ready to max yet.
  5. When you finally muster up the drive to complete Fremennik elite diary, then it doesn't even update when you kill a GWD boss :wall:
  6. 200m Total XP I have more XP here than I do in RS3!
  7. He has mastered the art of being a skiller to such a degree, that not only does he not have any XP in combat skills, but that the skills don't even exist for him! :-P
  8. I've never seen this before. Apparently it's somehow possible to start a RuneScape name with a space.
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