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  1. What about slightly limiting the number or value of 'free' trades per week? So new players can only receive a gift of say 1mill per week, either in cash or trade value difference? Its up for discussion how you would raise these limts, either on total xp, QP etc, and the values allowed. Realistically, how often do 90% of players give friends large value unbalanced trades? Would you be prepared to go back to restrictive player to player trade (GE can still be free?) in order to make it difficult for farmer bots to trade out there stock? I enjoyed the game a lot more when we were in the period of restrictive trade, and fewer bots. If we agree that its very difficult to detect bots, then we have to either take away the reason to bot (so no exp or GP) or make it as difficult as possible for any transfers to be done.
  2. The biggest difference we could make to the community is to force the limit of one account logged in per pc, which is circumvented by botting scripts. If this could be extended to block all accounts playing from a VPS (Virtual Private Server?) then we would see a huge reduction in casual to medium level gold farming accounts, where even one individual sitting at home can have 6 bots or more running simultaneously per pc. I dont mind so much one account botting for their own exp/cash, its the huge numbers of slave accounts playing to fund one main account thats a problem. G
  3. also interested in this as I have never done the caves apart from once for diary, and have now accepted it as slayer task. I am currently burning through my bank to go from 84 prayer to 95, and plan to melee, but have yet to find an up to date guide, as there seems many changes to mechanics and animiations etc of jad. Anyone have an up to date melee guide? G
  4. This has probably been covered before, but i couldnt find it. With 2 binds, and ssh and prom 2h bound, is there a melee weapon(s) to bind over prom 2h? G
  5. Ok so i can destroy my law bind and bind the CSB tho? so i can have hood, prom2h and csb bound? does csb go in ammo slot when bound or inventory? Can/how do i swap from prom2h to surgebox and back again? On staffs, they all seem equally poor magic offence, is this correct?
  6. I have a question about ammo binds and CSB usage. I currently have 125 law runes bound. I think i have seen a surge box, or certainly something like one, but not knowing exactly what to do with it i just left it behind - this looks to have been a mistake - although certainly no one else in the (non DGS) group wanted it. So, I kind of understand that a surge box basically holds runes/spells - but can someone confirm how it works/wielded and how its charged etc? from pics it looks likes its held in a hand position but bound in ammo slot? Can i use with prom 2h(b)? what if i make a temporary staff etc? does prom 2h need unwielded to use? If i find one, do i need to fill it before i bind it, or can i add runes to it later (which will remain bound?) What spells/runes should i add at my levels? cheers G Edit: also, on a related note, at my levels, what is the best magic weapon (presume staff?) that i can make/gather/buy for bosses at my level and how do i do it?
  7. argh 30k from lvl 83 and floor 42, all floors filled, 175k tokens. reset now, buy 30k exp, solo some meds, or redo a large with no prestige?
  8. With pondskaters, i meant that the slow bit can be waiting for them to go back to centre to open their mouths, and then reach the side again - then, if you miss that once, which is not inconceivable, then you are stalled for a good bit.
  9. Luck plays a major part as said above - things like the flower room can be slow, as well as simple things like the ferret room(s) and the pondskaters. Sometimes you are just left standing for 15-30 secs for something to fall in your favour.
  10. Does anyone know the fastest 5:5 large floor time? Some legendary Keyers of Olde did 15-20 minute floors consistently, or so I hear. They all got 200m exp and stopped dging, though. if i were a lead dgs'r, i'd claim the" 'no pic no proof' and/or 'its since been nerfed' therefore we are the best" - internet cred is where its at, apparently
  11. mouseover? not tried that before - is it over the triangle icons for each player? i't be better if the character chat was colour coded.... its mainly for the 'im over here' responses i get when i ask where such and such is
  12. Stupid 'i can't believe i'm asking this' question:- what is the colour code key for the player icons on the map? i presume it is done by player number in order of joining the party? What if someone mid group leaves a dungeon, do the colours change? I have had a quick scan of guides, wiki and KB but cant find the answer. Cheers
  13. re: effigies - i wonder how many others (not just top players) have changed there long term plans to encompass them - ie I will look to train one each of the 'paired' skills to 97 before finishing other skills. How far short of 200Mill should the top lads / lassies stop? G
  14. Spending about 67million on herblore (was 40 million when i bought it before the weekend was announced) RC tiaras from talismans 10mill or so on string jewellery thats 8 hours worth. After that, summoning, then burn through stuff in my bank like mage logs, ores, unfinished broad bolts etc. Then take a week off to relax as i find the grind against the clock aspect of these weekends tiresome, but dont want to miss out. G
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