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  1. Haha, I wasn't considering playing again I was just wondering how my favorite childhood game changed over the years. It looks like it got a lot worse since the last time I played.
  2. After not playing runescape for 3 years I'd say zero dollars. However, when I played bots were really annoying but still not worth paying real life money to get rid of.
  3. It looks like someone will reach 200M in all skills. That's insane! Just a few years ago getting 200M in one skill was considered ridiculous. Wow this game has changed.
  4. Hey everyone, I haven't played runescape in around 3 years and decided to log on and see how it changed. It seemed like a completely different game. I've also been browsing the forums and lots of people seem to think it is a lot easier to make money and level up these days. Can someone explain what changed and how come it is so easy to level up now (more specifically in the f2p game). Thanks!
  5. I never played runescape in over a year and I'm just wondering where the best f2p place to cut yews is
  6. All my melee stats are at 70 and I want to get them all to 80 should I use controlled to train or just train them all individually?
  7. I'm a new member and I don't really no where to train btw I'm not done any members quests heres my stats: 62 attack 62 strength 51 defense I want to get 60 defense where should I go? I have lots of money so food isn't really a problem but I don't want to waste too much.
  8. Know how when your woodcutting and theres lots of people cutting at the same tree as you and they take your logs and it ends up taking forever to get a full pack of logs. When you are fishing do people take your fish and therefore you fish slower or does that not happen?
  9. Yes, but it says to type in an expiry date which my debit card does not have.
  10. It's not there are you sure it's not named something else?
  11. I only have a debitcard and it says at the payment methods you can use one but then when you proceed to pay there is no option for debit cards. Anyone know why?
  12. What are the requirements to fish monkfish? I know you need 62 fishing but what quest(s) do you need to do? Also I have 83 fishing what would be faster money and xp sharks or monkfish? thanks
  13. Oh, I just found out now because I only play now and then.
  14. Ya I agree I'm level 93 with 1093 total I normally just train combat.
  15. I was really surprised when I found this out yesterday it made me play runescape again on my lvl 93 f2p. What did you think when you found this out?
  16. i went on an old account and i saw that i had 2 runecrafting on it. but the thing is i never beat the rune mysteries quest. how is that posible?
  17. Got 72 mining this morning I will try to get 85 eventually I will be f2p. Please rate.
  18. Um i didn't buy it no chienese people get there fisher to lvl 70. Thanks everyone and I dont wanna say my name cause I dont want anoyying noobs ading me but if you guys care so much then I will say it later. Limewire is NOT illiegal..but say I went burn a CD and sold it for 10 bucks then it is.
  19. Um I'm just fishing till I get bored so maybe eventually (when I get bored I quit for a while then go back)
  20. Rate my fisher (name is blocked cause it's secret)
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