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  1. yeah...you know the saying. put a bunch of random people in a room with figurines and they'll know what to do. they'll also show a strange knowledge of words like slanesh. anyways, 8/10 for the bank, awsome amount of god eggs. MTK is good for them :P, first person to notice lol, dont worry, im not that sort, i just like to paint, dont go full out with it as said above, im not one of the "usual" players, i have a life besides the models
  2. my grammar is appauling i know, my girlfriend moans at me for it lol
  3. yeah :(, but i will still be on know and again, looking into joining my local police force know, that will be fun heh, i know its a complete mess, total value is something over 100m, not sure of exact
  4. i did go on but you were never there :(, i will still be popping on to check things out etc, im not that disturbing :P, ill more then likely come back. get msn n can chat more!
  5. Amazing achievment, ive seen your other posts on RSC before, very nicely done =D>
  6. well first up the bank, its a mess i know, but im to lazy to tidy up and im hardly on anyway, practically quit, to busy with college, work, and my nerdy Warhammer ^^,The Swiftkit bank and stat shots dont work that well :| The 518 potions are prayer pots (4), all herb seeds are Kwuarm or higher, majority of bank gained through slaying stats: Enjoy! and have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year Tip.It forum :)
  7. yay im mentioned! :P grats you nub :D, nice cash from it all btw wont be on much, got to many assignments to do and recentlty got a bad infection :(
  8. congrats ^^, easy to train but such a rip off, thanks :D
  9. no 99, dont put him down, its mean.... on topic, grats mate, use that cash and buy better stuff ^^, lil tip get 60 range and 55 slayer if possible, makes runs better
  10. 88 summoning, also got 133 combat on the way, all charms, with the exception of about 700 crims, came purely from slaying
  11. Beat me to it, but wryms are wingless dragons ^^
  12. i agree that they have been removed, im an avid slayer and normally get 2-3 clues a day, and in the last months i havent had a single page, but before the clue updates, i got them every other clue.
  13. very nice, cant get how you accomplished all that stuff in f2p, i hate it btw ty for your cc, helps keep me entertained^^
  14. well off topic, but i got cash for 99 in bank but im to lazy to do it ahh, he just some random nub i know, you wouldnt want to know him :P, im ranging some tasks, i just find it slooooow
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