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  1. As a 99 slayer I have one or two tips for you - Use prayers. Use a cannon wherever possible. Invest in extremes if you can. I personally turmoil'ed all my tasks, using soul split to heal. I'd normally fill most of my inventory with prayer potions and then stick on berserker + turmoil and i'd be off. If you can't use turmoil then even using the highest strength and attack prayers on the normal prayerbook would still help. Makes a HUGE difference.
  2. Congratulations! I too just got my cape - very pleased with it if you ask me :)
  3. Nice drops. Out of intrest, are the mages hard to kill?
  4. It was hard - but ZMI really is the way forward. You still make like 300k p/h at 90+ and the xp is nearly double that of 2x nats.
  5. Okay, so in no particular order, here are the 99's I achieved this year: Because I made overloads (around 3k of em), as well as 1.5K of each extreme ontop of that, 99 herb cost me about 400M or so. Wish i'd made that much from RC - but I ZMI'ed it :D Rate/hate.
  6. As for the overloads - I have 3k and I don't consider this "overkill". 1 (4) dose overload will give you approx. 20 mins of overloaded time. 1062 overloads sums to 21240 mins, or roughly 354 hours of overloaded time.
  7. Grats man! Now go get some free whips :D I'm the same about the skills being in multiples of 5 too :ohnoes: ¬Albal
  8. Thanks guys <3 Going for a fire cape this weekend. Hopefully :o With maxed firecaping outfit, and 3 capes experience, should be easy ;) ¬Thingie
  9. Okay, gonna see if I can find a image site that doesn't automatically crop resize pictures.
  10. Yea, I was going to get 75 attack and 71 strength, to speed up training + use SGS AND still be ranged based ^^ I'm getting round to clearing up my bank :D
  11. Yea, just working on that now.. EDIT: Okay, should be slightly better now, sorry :(
  12. [hide=Read this please <3]Well, this is my first ever topic on TIF, and hopefully it can be one to impress :) RS History: I've been playing RS for a seriously long time. I think I must have started in around summer '02, or Christmas '03. I've had a variety of accounts in my time, ranging from pkers to skillers to mains. My first ever account was Albal1234, also my worst account ever :lol: In some form or another, i've lost most of them. Be it quitting and giving accounts to friends, being hacked, being phished or just forgetting the password :? I've also never really been one for skilling. Apart from agility \ Honestly, I don't know why this is. Weirdly, I get satisfaction from running around and around in a monkey form. So it's pretty much all kill, no skill for me i'm afraid. I've also never really been good at training etc. when it comes to any stat. The only real skill I have on RS is investing/merchanting with the GE. I used to be a merchat in the old days of no GE. Mainly buying Pking supplies in W2, hopping over to world 18 and selling them in edge for a massive profit. Personally, I think that the GE is the handiest thing there is on RS. Basically means I can merchant while sleeping. \ Well, enough about me, onto the account :D About the account: I created this account in the summer of '07. Originally, it was meant to be a zerker pure, but that quickly fell apart, as I hated not being able to wear all the cool armours :lol:, so I decided that i'd make it a range tank. I then left the account after summer, and quit RS for around 3-4 months. I decided again in January that i'd start playing again, and so, here I am today. This is my 1 year anniversary on this account. The reason that this account has awful stats + lots of money is because: I don't have alot of time on my hands. One thing I really wish money COULD buy, as i'd have lots of it ^^ So, the account has mainly been camping at the GE, simply updating offers/collecting items. For this reason, I never really get out to train much, and so the account has pretty awful skills. My goals: THE BIG GOAL: To be the FIRST EVER maxed range tank WITH SUMMONING. ^ Would be achieved by: Range: Ranging blue dragons in taverly to 85, chinning from 85-99. Defence: Through slayer. Prayer: Dragon bones on a gilded altar. Magic: Through bursting/barraging rock lobsters in Waterbirth dungeon. Summoning: ^ Hitpoints: Through range/defence/magic training. THE MINOR GOALS (Ones at top highest priority): Fire cape Barrows gloves 70 Magic Desert Treasure completed Ending word: If you've read this far, thank you. It took me about 1.5 hours to make this whole thing. Please put the word "Banana" in your post. <3 Albal/Thingie P.S, I'm actually a guy IRL, but am a girl in-game because of the quest "Recruitment Drive" where you have to change to a girl, I changed to a girl. Haven't ever changed back![/hide] Comes to a pretty grand 161M \ Rate/hate/regurgitate. EDIT: Sorry about this picture, couldn't find a decent site to upload it. Just click on it and it will be big :) ¬Albal/Thingie <3
  13. Oo, are you superheating mith bars? If you are, you are 1337 <3 Awesome levels so far, good luck with maxed \ ¬Thingie
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