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  1. Let's make this a little more clear. We're trying to find out how whether Dragon Bones or Infernal Ashes are more efficient to altar. So first off, we need to find out how many bones we can altar per hour. ----INCOMING WALL OF TEXT---- (finished eating, so I was in the mood for math) I personally was able to altar around 1600 bones / hour with a tort, so I'll use those figures. In one hour, you altar 1.6k bones or ashes. So in one hour, you get a total of 403,200 prayer xp. In an hour of altaring Infernal Ashes, you get 350,000 prayer xp. Next we'll find out how much we spend per hour altar'ing both items. Dragon Bones cost 6,254,400 gp / hour altar'ing, while Infernal Ashes cost 4,872,000, which comes out to be a 1,382,400 gp difference. What comes next is how much altaring each costs. Each dragon bone is 3,909 gp at current GE mid prices, and each altar'd bone is worth 252 prayer xp, therefore, by dividing the cost by the experience gained, you come with a gp:xp ratio, which is ~15.52 gp / xp, which means that you spend about 15.52 gp per prayer experience from the Dragon Bone. Infernal Ashes, on the other hand, cost 3,045 gp each, and each altar'd ashes gives you 218.75 xp, therefore, by dividing the cost of the Infernal Ashes with how much experience you gain from altar'ing them, you come out with a 13.92 gp / xp ratio. So what does this mean? This means that altar'ing Dragon Bones over Infernal Ashes are only a difference of about 1.6 gp / xp from ashes to bones. But that's not the most important thing to account for: altar'ing Dragon Bones over Infernal Ashes costs 1,382,400 gp extra, for an extra 53,200 prayer experience per hour. That means that in order for you to get the same experience as Dragon Bones from altar'ing Infernal Ashes, you would need to spend about 69.12 minutes altar'ing Infernal Ashes (or 9.12 extra minutes altaring Infernal Ashes in order to get 403,200 prayer xp). Here is what comes next, and what matters most to people: which should I altar? There are two cases people care about: how much faster is one over the other, and how much more or less one costs over the other. In the case of altar'ing Dragon Bones over Infernal Ashes, Dragon Bones cost 1,382,400 gp more per hour than Infernal Ashes, therefore, if you can make MORE than 1,382,400 gp / hour doing anything else in Runescape (MH'ing, PKing, w/e), then Dragon Bones is more efficient to use for prayer training, BUT, if you can't make that amount or more, then Infernal Ashes are much more efficient to altar. If you're looking on how much faster one is over the other, then you can see that altar'ing Dragon Bones saves you around 9.12 minutes per hour of altar'ing over Infernal Ashes. Let's give an example: let's say that someone with 70 prayer wants to get 95 prayer. He will need either 36,735 Infernal Ashes to get to 95, OR 31,881 Dragon Bones to get to 95, using an altar. If you find the difference between the two, it is a difference of altar'ing 4,854 items, or in terms of time, you will spend around 3.03 hours MORE altaring Infernal Ashes over Dragon Bones. So, if two people are racing to 95 prayer, starting at the same time, with the same prayer xp, and the altar each item at the same rate (1,600 / hour), then the one who altars the Dragon Bones will beat the one altar'ing the Infernal Ashes 3.03 hours FASTER, at a cost of 4,188,672 gp for that whole time, while the one altar'ing Infernal Ashes will save 4,188,672 gp from not altar'ing Dragon Bones. This is why your income / hour and your personal enjoyment of an activity matters: maybe the person who is altar'ing Infernal Ashes likes grinding out the ashes, even if it takes him around 3 hours more to do so? Then again, maybe he can't make more than the 1.3m / hour, so in order to be efficient, he'll have to use Infernal Ashes. And the person who hates altar'ing bones may like boss hunting better, so if he can get 95 prayer ASAP, then he can start boss hunting that much faster to make up that money. To get these figures, I first set up my goal (I have 70 prayer, and I want to get 95). Then I found out the different rates of experience I can expect from utilizing a variety of methods (Dragon Bones vs Infernal Ashes: 403,200 xp / hour vs. 350,000 xp / hour, with a difference of 53,200 xp / hour with Dragon Bones over Infernal Ashes, at a cost of 1,382,400 gp / hour using Dragon Bones over Infernal Ashes), and then I calculated my goal (I need either 36,735 Infernal Ashes OR 31,881 Dragon Bones to altar to get to 95). Then I found the difference between the two (4854 more Infernal Ashes than Dragon Bones), and found out the time difference (about 3.03 hours more training prayer with Infernal Ashes over Dragon Bones). I ask myself: can I make more than 1,382,400 gp / hour doing something I like or like MORE than training prayer? If so, I should use Dragon Bones, if not, I should use Infernal Ashes. If I hate training prayer regardless of how much money I have, then I should find out whether 3.03 hours saved from using Dragon Bones over Infernal Ashes is worth the extra 4,188,672 gp it'll cost me.
  2. Here are your two conditions: 1. There will be deaths during the boss that equate to a net exp reduction that can be termed as inefficient (each death does not save time worth its respective % of -exp in floor time). 2. The keyer will likely make a difference in combat, preventing enough deaths to make the lost time worth the prevented deaths. 1) There should be little to no deaths on bosses, especially on ones as easy as Runebound. There is also NO way to know how many times someone will die. I DG with people assuming they know how to do boss, or are intelligent enough to quickly pick up on how to fight them, and thus, deaths will remain at a minimum. There are a few bosses which attack erratically and hard enough that can make people die multiple times, even with prayer/food, like Trio/Gulega/Blink/Forger. Like I stated before, the only exceptions to a keyer running around opening doors rather than doing boss, is when you have Thunderous or Gulega as the boss, but Thunderous can be done if the keyer asks when it's OK to door-lag. 2) I cannot fathom a situation when the keyer plays such an important part in fighting the boss (or actually, maybe if the keyer is the only hexer in a Necro floor). If the keyer plays such a big part that it causes everyone to live enough for it to matter, there is something wrong with the team, and I've never been in a team that was like that (even when I had 4 new DGS mates in my floor). I am not misunderstanding you. You give out advice based on the little experience you have, which can be a detriment to many, and the experiences you have are very niche; it's unlikely anyone experiences this commonly. Yes, a floor can be bad enough that everyone dies multiple times, but bad enough where the absence of a keyer determines whether you die or not? Give me a break. Please, please, please, please, please, PLEASE, Dungeoneer more, and gain a lot more experience than you have now. You aren't helping yourself by making claims about things that you are ill-prepared and experienced in to comment about, and you may be misleading many people by your proposals. I only say this because this isn't the first time this has happened. Now that I read your revision, I'll give you "real" logic. You are giving an "if->then" statement. If the "if" statement is achieved, then the "then" statement will be the consequence. You have an "and" statement in your "if" statement. So I will rephrase it like this: If A and B, then C, where A = (1), B = (2), and C = the keyer should partake in the boss. In order for the "if...then" statement to be true, the "if" must be true. The "if" statement in this case contains an "and" statement, therefore, in order for this "if" statement to be true, the "and" statement must first be true. In an "and" statement, both conditions must be true. If one or the other is false, the WHOLE condition is false. Therefore, if A OR B is false, then the whole statement is false, even if one is true. For A (about the # of deaths on a boss) is ALWAYS FALSE. There is never a situation where people die this many times ON THE BOSS. If the deaths were also tallied up throughout the floor, it's not the keyer's absence in a boss that accounts for it, it's the individuals. So claim A is false. For B (about the keyer being an integral part of the boss), I outlined one situation where it could be true, and that's when the keyer is also the only hexer in a Necro floor, but even then, you would use magic during the boss, and just teleport out when the skeletons come back in. Heck, even during the downtime after teleporting out, you can fish/cook food, and have no excuse to die whatsoever. So your claim for B is completely FALSE. So in your statement, you are ALWAYS FALSE, no matter the situation. Both statements can never be true. Thus, there is no reason to ever try to justify your claim in any situation. That is "real" logic.
  3. No team should suck so hard that they die that many times throughout the floor, even less so achieving those deaths on a boss. The only reasons why this would happen is 1) the teammates don't know proper combat mechanics, 2) they don't know how to fight bosses in an effective and efficient way, or 3) they aren't paying attention or there is humongous lag due to internet speeds. There may be other factors I haven't looked into, but those are the most common. I think the only person who would ever have such a reason for lag is someone with 600-1000 ping (you know who you are lol), and even then, Runebound shouldn't be so bad with door lag that he kills everyone down to -81%. If you actually know how to fight Runebound, it is actually a very easy fight, even if you only have melee'ers. It's also supremely ILLOGICAL to proclaim that ONE PERSON opening the last few remaining doors makes such an impact in how fast a boss dies, even less to assume that it's more EFFICIENT to AFK in HT while the keyer runs around opening doors (I know you didn't explicitly state this, but it's implied, is it not?). If one person does make a huge impact whether you get 0 deaths or a -81% experience mod, it's LOGICAL to assume that it's the fault of that teammate (or teammates), NOT the keyer or whoever is opening doors. One bad experience in a floor =/= supreme logical visionary breakthrough. You need a lot more experience before you can make any such claims.
  4. You should also spend a few hours gathering spices to boost your RC lvl before going there, so that your RC lvl can be higher than normal, and thus you get more profits from doing each run. Or if you don't want the chance of getting your RC lvl lowered from the spices, then I would go to Dorgesh Kahn or w/e that town is (in Lumby sewers) and get the +2 RC boost from the scientist. I personally did that from 54-77 RC, so I know what I'm talking about. It made me loads of money.
  5. I've personally yet to be called out for teleing out, but then again I've only done it for lack of food maybe twice, and both times the boss was at around 10% or less of lp left. Unless there's an altar at base, I'd just take the death to regain prayer. What I do is just use the gatestone trick to avoid damage, while doing as much damage as possible. But I don't think it's a serious offensive; the only time when it is, is when everyone else is in the same boat as you, where you have no food nor prayer. But if you're the only one low, I don't think anyone will say anything about you teleporting out. At least I won't.
  6. The only other primal weapon to bind is a primal 2h, which comes at lvl 113, but some have contested that a primal baxe is as good or better than a 2h. It is useful when you have a CSB bound rather than laws/cosmics, since you will always have it equipped; it saves time having to re-equip your weapon, but I think it's just up to you. I've heard that having at least one person with a pirmal rapier is good as well, but not not so sure.
  7. this is partially true... I saw two teenage girls walk out of the public restroom together where I work. there's only one toilet in our restrooms....... OMFG. HORRIBLE THOUGHT. Two girls, one toilet. Two girls, one me.
  8. Yes the one-click take-from-bob does still work; it'll continue offering bones as well. I got around 1200 / tort, so around 1600 bones / hour.
  9. I never cannon there; I'm usually fighting them in the Slayer tower. I'm 98 Herblore and I'm saving money for 1k torstols for 99, so I won't need the experience, unless the convenience of Herbicide is worth 30k tokens? I actually might get that for whatever random Spectre task I get, so I can be rest assured that whatever herbs that drop are good ones =D So in which situations would the shields be useful? Or would saving up money for DFS/some blessed shield be better?
  10. Yeah I already have 95 Prayer, so I don't think I'll use it for that. Would using it at Falconry be worth it at lvl 66 Hunter? Would it be faster than hunting Red Salamanders? If training it to 71 for Jadinkos through Falconry is faster than Salamanders, then I might get that. But for Prayer, no, I already use effigies/pengs/lamps on it.
  11. Hi. I have purchased the Rapier, CCBow, Maul, Stream, Frost Tome, Scroll of Efficiency/Life/Cleansing, Coal/Gem Bag, Rigour, and Totem from the Dungeoneering Rewards. I have also gotten Tier 9 Berserker/Blazer/Desperado on my ring. What I was wondering is: is there anything else that may be useful to purchase, before I start purchasing all items? I will eventually buy all the item I can, but until then, I want to buy whatever else I may have missed that would help me in anything in RS, be it at GWD, TD's, DKS, etc, and what utility would they have? Thank you.
  12. Honestly, to those who lost the will to play because of better money-making methods, or because of the risk involved in it, they need to reevaluate themselves. Why were you playing this game in the first place? Was it to kill time? To set and achieve some goal? Make lots and lots of money? Obviously, if they were in it just to accumulate lots of money, then nothing will be appealing anymore since now there are much faster methods of obtaining cash, or because you lost all your money doing so, and you may not have the ability or experience to succeed in such endeavors. Maybe you can redirect your goals? Maybe you shouldn't make "having loads of money and all the pro-top-of-the-line gear" your motivation or goal. Just like in real life, as other have stated, people don't get discouraged working at $8 an hour at a fast-food place, nor do those making $20 an hour elsewhere; there are much better money-making methods (such as starting a business, investing in the stock market, flipping houses, etc.), but that doesn't mean that they will quit working there and just live off welfare, thinking they'll never reach those sorts of riches in their lives. People don't (or should I say, shouldn't) think about what others are doing, but instead think of how they are fairing in their lives: am I making enough to survive? If so, will what I make give me space for some luxuries, such as a new car? What can I do to increase my quality of life? These people manage with what they get, and work hard at either keeping it up, or doing what it takes to change things for the better. As a note, I didn't grow up having everything I wanted: I had friends who had all the latest systems, with tons of video games, with the new razor scooter, new cellphone, brand new car, etc. I also desired the same things, so I worked hard to get them. I didn't compare myself to those who had things handed to them, or who had it better off than me; I just focused on my goal, even if I knew that it'd take a long time to get them. But let me tell you, once I did buy my car, it felt good; I probably felt a much greater sense of pride and joy from buying my first car than those who were given those things or didn't have to work so hard to get them. It's all about perspective: you shouldn't compare yourself with others; you should only care about yourself, and how you are handling your life. Comparing it to Runescape, I play the same way I live my life: I have goals that I want to accomplish, but I don't compare myself to those who can get enough cash for Turmoil or a 99 in one hour of staking. I just keep things in perspective: I'm not very good at PvP, so I won't PvP; transitively, I won't' stake, either. I don't have the patience with merchanting (other than just stockpiling items I know will give me great profits in the future, such as herbs), so I don't do that, either. So I just focus on farming and Slayer/PvM. Slayer isn't that much cash (even less since I cannon), and PvM is based off luck and whether or not you have the stats/gear to be able to attempt it, but I enjoy those activities, so I will do what I enjoy, and whether I do or don't make a profit isn't in my mind at all, but rather, whatever happens, happens. If I get a nice drop, it'd be cool, but I'd be fine without one. My motivation for playing Runescape isn't based on being rich or having it all, so my desire to play hasn't dwindled because of the update. I want to get to 97 Construction, which will take a lot of money which I don't have to achieve, but I won't compare myself to that person who can make that cash in one successful stake. I enjoy the journey, rather than the goal (although I am excited when I reach such goal), and knowing I did it my way makes it that much more succulent. My advice to you is: either accept the risks of such money-making methods, and strive to be better at it, or change your motivation, your reason, in why you play this game. And yes, I've read every single post in this thread. I would also like to add: try to keep things in perspective, if it wasn't implied enough. I think this is the tl;dr version of my whole post :P
  13. I've went through it. Could you please interpret this? As far as I know, it top out near after F36, so that means that I maximize experience if I just rush all floors other than 36+, and just dung in larges with those?
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