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  1. cheers :D just sold my drag med to get some more rannars, plus hte prices on them are always dropping... just hit 51 her on my way to 60 herb :) also thinking about working on 99 cooking when i get about 500k cash from this 60 herb that is! 94k lobs to cook with gaunts, thats to 99 but when i get to 91 i will go to sharks so who knows how long it will take...! also because my char is called head cheff i just spent 10 minutes on world 3 in teh cooking guild dressed the same as the head chef in there chatting to people ha :)
  2. just an idea, when you train your mele stats get some decent pkr stats, 40 att 40 def 60+ str and like 60 mage 70 ranged and 1 prayer, i know they are not super easily obtainable but i always wished i made a pkr main... saves havin 2 chars!
  3. hey guys! rite then i made this guy way back before members fatigue and everything like that then i quit for a while only to find that when i wanted to come back he was gone. Ive tried to make other characters but none of them were the same... then however about a month agoy recoverys worked!! no idea why but they did! anyway i lost a red, two yellows mask set, 3 santas (picked up) and and disk of return, and please dont accuse me of making this up, i know now its alot of money but back then i got the yellow for 1mil and the red for 550k, which i admit was alot also lost a drag med which at the time when i got it cost me 3.3mil lol, how times have changed...! EDIT: hit 52 herb :) anyway heres my bank and stats... anyway im working on a quest cape aswell as 60+ in all stats, working on herb at the momenth ense the rannars, only had about 120k to work with but its going well, started on 47 yesterday! anyway please rate away!
  4. and i guess i have to make the gree grees like the origina lone yes?
  5. im trying to rescue my last member for RFD and i have no clue how to get the gorrila gree gree etc. any ideas?!?
  6. ha thankyou, i had to use him in the quest just forgot his name... thanking you!!! :D
  7. i just got my account back and im working on a quest cape! finishing some quests that the hacker started... ive finished Monkey Madness but cant find daero for the xp, any hints please?!
  8. sweet congratulations to him! im going to work on all stats 60, but hte ones over 60 to 70, and the ones over 70 to 8-, so basically getting all stats to a multiple of 10. cheers anyways guys!
  9. fingers crossed, i think a phat set would just about make up for the 2 years of lost playing time lol. ill be honest anything would be good, maybe some rune etc. i always did plan for 99 cooking, when i get my personal statement off hopefully i will give it a go!
  10. basically, this was my first real character his name is head cheff and i made him years ago, before members, before fatigue etc. but two years ago he got hacked and i tried and tried to get him back but to no avail... however yesterday for some reason i tried again and it instantly worked!!! ive got such a big smile on my face its untrue!!! well heres his levels, no bank pic yet but im waiting for the pin to clear, cant wait im so excited. i expect nothing in the bank to be honest, but then again the hacker seems to have got levels, 31 construction, 5 ranged etc. and seems to have been using him to pk, which actual seems to work ok in f2p. anyway heres his levels thanks for reading! cheers again.
  11. im currenty workin on a rnaged staker so ie got 1 defence, is there anywhere to range greens with a good safespot?!? pictures or guides will be much appreciated!
  12. strongolhd of security, there is atleast one safe spot for all the sceptre dropping monsters, im using them know to get a ful one and spare bits, just need the catablepon parts now and im done, also rlea nice drops, alot of deaths from anakou...!
  13. spot potion - this has been here for years, i remeber getting one when i frist started back in classic before membersand keeping it assuming it was worht loads lol, still not found a use for it?!?
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