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  1. Bandos didn't CREATE goblins, he just stuck his big foot into their plane and took over it. Remember the flashbacks to [name of goblin plane that I can't spell correctly] before Bandos came? Look at what it is now. Srsly, I think he's just a big jerk.




    And I'm not quite sure how things were done back in the day when the portals were open, so I'm on the fence when it comes to gods having ownership of things (did they willingly submit to the gods, or did the gods drag them here to do their bidding?), but I think the next few pertinent quests might clear that up. I still want to know more about what the heck happened in the first age ever since I got to use that time travelling key to totally screw up history.




    If Zaros came back, things would sure be a lot more exciting around here. Sorta been quiet so far.

  2. I was talking about when you talk to Juna after the newest quest, she pretty much says that Guthix let Bandos do what he did because apparently gods have the right to enforce control over things they believe is their right even if they just invade some random plane and force the inhabitants to do their bidding.




    Then again, this could have just been the result of some sort of agreement that Bandos had with the other gods in exchange for the use of his troops during the God Wars.




    Either way, I can't really believe that refusing to serve a god is a huge crime against all of em.

  3. Of course, since they can't have you interrupting "the rise of Lucien" storyline, she says you're still stuck doing the dirty work for Guthix.




    Since when did saying you had claim over an entire race mean that you were allowed to have it? It seems like they decided that mortals didn't have the right to free will a while back and we were never told.




    It seems like at the end of all this we may do a few things we might end up regretting, or shake the very foundation of the god's image that has been held for so long.

  4. Eh, I didn't even have to be quick, I went into town a day or so after the quest was released, and folks were clamoring to buy the ten maces I got just from one run in the bandos throne room. Pity I didn't have the junk to offload them for 10 mil.




    Say what you want about Jagex, but I won't complain if they keep tossing us these freebies.

  5. Lol. The g mace came out with the newest quest a few days ago. It's a drop from Bando's throne room. The enemies that drop it are pretty average in strength, plus it's pretty common to get more than 3 per run, and since the statues don't move until you touch them, you can use the other statues to block the larger enemies while you range/mage them quite safely, if you're too lazy to just smack them in the face.




    The craze will die down in a few days, then they'll be useful for junking or alching.




    Oh, and the spec is identical to the g maul, but for some reason it counts as a Bandos type equip because he happened to favor it.




    What you want is Zanik's cbow, which for a pretty low leveled weapon hits pretty hard with the spec (plus balls of lightning are fun). The spec hits even harder on people wearing equips associated with a god, or if they're using a prayer other than protect ranged, so feel free to pull it out in the middle of a fight and give em a faceful of surprise, or use it to hit somebody (perhaps run afterwards) before you rush in to fight, because the range on the spec is farther then you'd think for a crossbow. As a weapon, it matches the addy cbow, but since you can use bone bolts (it can use other normal bolts up to addy too), it's also freaking cheap to maintain, so it's not bad for training at the ogre cages while you're not really paying attention.

  6. Tzhaar was naturally formed by crazy volcano people, who are all considered part of the volcano. Since they and the whole volcano are basically one being, it's more of a living organism that occurred through nature's power rather than a structure.




    That being said, Baba Yaga's house would count since there's nothing natural about that.




    Barrows could count, although since it's a series of not too fascinating tunnels (I'd be more worried about that crazy zombie brother chasing you) underneath a bunch of burial mounds, I don't find it too spectacular.




    The Sanguinesti region is less of a wonder and more of a crime against human rights, so I'm not sure if that counts as a wonder.

  7. Yeah, I'd put Dorgesh-kaan in there, and the GE. The cave goblins invented electric light structures and bone engineering, so I'm just going to let them have that one. The GE is a really tall building, and thousands of people pass through daily to trade n' stuff.




    Isn't Priffdinias made out of natural grown crystal trees? They're on the level of the Gnomish mega tree habitats.




    I'm a bit iffy on Ullek and Uzer, since Ardougne is larger than them, and has had a lot of stuff happen to it too, plus it's still intact (not counting the west part).




    If this is man-made only, I suggest changing it to "The Seven MAN-MADE Wonders of the RuneScape World".

  8. I actually enjoyed this quest. It was pretty fun, but I found near the ending to be a bit too dramatic.




    [hide=My thoughts (spoilers)]When everybody's freaking out in the city cause Bandos is gonna go after them, I was all "Why the heck are you panicking? I'm going to go KICK HIS [wagon]" but they were still going nuts.




    During the boss fight, I actually ran out of the room (through the portal) at the point where Zanik is knocked to the floor because I thought she died (she actually tried to fight that thing with a bone dagger, lol) and that I needed her to use the crossbow, but it turns out all I had to do was put it back together first. Lol. No worries though, fighting him twice was fun.




    The avatar was actually pretty tough compared to some other bosses (well, from the perspective of somebody who isn't ridiculously high in combat stats), considering that its attack type is somewhere between melee and magic. You can shore up your chances with protect magic, but it'll still hit through sometimes anyway. Protect melee doesn't help at all. (I didn't try protect range, but since a miss splashed, I figured it was more magic based.) This continues the trend of bosses will be able to hurt you despite using prayer, and that's always good for a laugh.




    I don't know about you, but having a statue of myself is pretty awesome, and plus now I have an upgraded bone crossbow that shoots balls of lightning (I'MA FIRIN MAH LAZORS). All talk about stats and usefulness and whatever you guys talk about these days aside, I think it's pretty cool. Despite the fact that it has negative prayer bonus, but I'm sure that's because the energy it uses disrupts the kind of energy that gods use.




    Speaking of which, has anybody tested the special on somebody using prayer? I'd like to see if it does anything.[/hide]




    Well, back to whining.




    Where's the junk buyer that we were promised?

  9. Er....we've already been to [insert name of goblin plane that nobody, including me, will ever spell correctly] in the latest quest. In fact, the fairy ring tranport can take me there in a minute or so within wherever I happen to be at the moment.




    What I want to know is what Bandos did to their world that reduced it to sludge, and how that's connected to his big ol' mystery box that currently holds Zanik.

  10. Reading that one about the Underground Pass, I feel that I got relatively lucky with that whole quest now that I think back on doing it. I didn't fail as nearly as many times as I was expecting to.




    (As for Ratcatchers, I consider it to be way more based on your skill with running like crazy rather than luck. Also, it's made tons easier if you use HD widescreen.)




    Considering the anticipation of what this year brings, I think it's just best to hold onto our pantlegs and not freak out until the bad stuff happens.




    I look forward to being able to convert my previously "useless" items (read: thousands of fletching products) into money without the need of them being worth over the cost of a nature rune.

  11. I don't know why you folks are so sour on every single darn thing that happens. It's like you expect him to be perfect and then if he turns out to be perfect (which I highly doubt) you'll criticize him for being too perfect. Just live with what we've got and make the best of things. Talk about wanting him to fail.




    The important thing is that he's willing to try to communicate on a regular basis unlike many others. 130 questions answered. When I saw that, I was like "HOLY ****, he was SERIOUS" and I think he's going to make a pretty big effort. And this is just like, the first few days. What's with the "he didn't answer my question" thing? 130 is pretty superhuman already, and I'm surprised he even got that far. We have plenty of time to go through the rest of them and frankly, I'm gonna give him a chance. If he screws up, then we can kick dirt in his face, but until then, it'll help more if we're supportive rather then aiming to dig a bigger hole in this ditch of fail.




    Final note.....he likes lighting fires. Score one for the pyros.

  12. I just wanted to make a small point: Guthix has never directly claimed to have created Gielinor. In fact, it (Guthix doesn't really stick to any kind of describable form) seems to have given the most information about itself compared to the other two.




    Still, I find Guthix's do-nothing attitude rather frustrating. The balance keeps getting threatened by crazy people every month and frankly I can't go around all day fixing stuff that nobody else wants to do and then watch my high level NPC compatriots get deep-fried by some power-hungry Maharajjat. Frankly, leaving the Stone of Jas just lying around in this plane is very irresponisible. Some of us have better things to do, thank you very much.

  13. Tips for dumb people like me:




    If it ain't immediately obvious, you can equip iron arrows and a stronger bow to weaken the mob first, then swap to a longbow for the killing shot. (You can't use anything better than iron with a lame longbow, so it'll be faster for you just to use only iron arrows.) That'll make things a bit easier.




    If you need somewhere to buy cider, the pub under Miscellania (as in underground) sells it. Fairy ring is the fastest: just jump to Miscellania, then back to Sinclair Manor. Watch out for the wolves near the manor teleport spot if you're low on combat level. Which I assume shouldn't be the case if you managed to gain access to Miscellania's underground pub.




    For yall not familiar with the poison chalice, that dwarf Stankers near the coal trucks area (who you need to be familiar with anyway) gives em out free.




    When you're trying to get a fish pet, you gotta fill the fishbowl with water first, then dump a piece of seaweed in it before you try to ask the fishing shopkeeper for a tiny net (10 g, reusable). Seaweed is easy to get when you have a big net fishing hub nearby....which you have to fish from anyway.




    All you have to do for the coal trucks is fill a cart up to full with coal which you can get from anywhere, into the nearest cart that is easiest for you. Heck, you could just go to the bank and pull coal from there, and then put it into the cart inside the carthouse.

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