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  1. I dropped my Wii. Waa. Now the sensor bar doesn't work and the power switch is jammed. I just so happen to have a spare Wii at my disposal, is it possible to extract the save data from the first Wii and put it onto the second and how? Thanks in advance.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njk2m3kpCoM Gaze upon me, stay for a while Eyes of stone are calling me with a smile
  3. Yes. Yes. Also, something that really annoyed me today. I was talking to these two people in my class about music, and I asked them if they listened to metal, and the first thing they said was "metal is too loud." :wall: Not all metal is loud, I tried explaining to them to listen to some of the ballads (which I think are the best things in music.) then one of them said "that's so slow". Well I guess not everyone likes metal. But my point is, metal is not just about being loud and noisy. Ok done. You should have said "volume control".
  4. With all due respect, what does this post add to the discussion? I see a personal attack, a flame bait, and a generalization. Nowhere is there even a reference to the topic. I'm not sure you even know how to read based on what I see here. What, exactly, does "the world" gain from you? What do any of your posts add to the discussion? All you've done is come in here and look down on the Stoner from your perch up high. Don't try and condescend me; these "personal attacks" are nothing more than my counter stroke. Nothing I say can or will change your opinion, so I'm giving you what you deserve. In me the world finds a Saviour.
  5. You're just a bunch of smug bastards. The world could do without you.
  6. Wat? You don't make a distinction between joints and spliffs :?: And WAT? A joint will not damage your lungs near as much as a cigarette and to suggest otherwise is simply ludicrous.
  7. I just want you to know I found this hilarious.
  8. :lol: why don't you two try a little harder next time. @Sam: do you only ever post to pander to people?
  9. And you've never had the "insight" so how can you even begin to judge it? [bleep] you. If you're not willing to move past your preconceptions, then you don't deserve the Truth. That goes for all of you.
  10. Not my fault a few ruin it for the rest of you. But it is your fault that you decided to judge an entire group of people based on the "few". Grow up, yeah? And to anyone who said they don't see the appeal; seriously :-| How into yourself do you have to be not to see it?
  11. DOOM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLAnA47tGcw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nUKZiaNHVs CROWN UPON HIS HEAD, KING OF ALL THE DEAD
  12. [bleep]ing thought police make me sick
  13. All of them have the same expression, but only the guys on the right have mustaches.
  14. You knew that and your mind was still blown :/? Ya'll should check out Razorwyre. They're pretty sick
  15. You should get your mind checked, there's probably a short in there somewhere
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