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  1. this is at the end of the day 11-26 I didnt do as good as i wanted today but i went out a lot. now i have 62 skulls and 5.4k irons i have no idea wut chesm and die have i think that it is just me in the race????lol btw the food came from friend :mrgreen: for freeeee
  2. Yeah, I had a great time with the Secret Santa last year. Too bad scammers ryined it for us all. :roll:
  3. as u no chesm and i are racing but he is also just looking for xp and irons so i asked my friend in real life if he wanted to race too... he said he would but just for fun... atm i have a massive lead on him... osirisadio81: 47 skulls, 4.5k irons chesm: hasnt let me no, if u see the blog any time soon chesm let ppl no die 0(friend in real life): 10 skulls, 1.2k irons heres alittle pic i like to call a bank pic
  4. im also gonna get like 50k iron arrows, that wont be hard at all. this is just for fun not competetion and im getting training :D ill get pic asap. i cant write now bc image shack is [developmentally delayed]ed...lol #-o
  5. ok, ur right i will take pics of every 50 i get im in a race alredy lol, with chesm. we both have the same amount pretty much.. this is my first blog... :-$
  6. Kk, so I just started this yesterday. Im training my pure to around 75 strength on Minotaurs. I will be taking a pic of every inventory that I leave with. My goal is to be the current leader in Right Half Skulls! I have 30 atm. Will post pics soon! If you have any more then me, post pics here, so I have something to shoot for!
  7. I dont know what wrong with my sig... Here it is... But it won't work. Its 450 x 175 x 10kb, which meets size requirements. Help plz?
  8. Hey, can I get a sig? Style: Abstract Background colors: Blue Green fire Images:A ranger on the left, warrior in the center, and mage on the right doing actions. Subtext: "Live To Kill" and "Pure for Life" Thanks!!
  9. Thx! I will try it out. Currently merchanting Ess. Anything better with this low of money?
  10. Both :wink: Skills = Make Money = Buy Food = Pk :mrgreen:
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