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  1. Born and raised in Plymouth, been here almost 19 years, and I've never HEARD of Kiskadee Coffee. Is it down in Manomet? I should check it out =].
  2. If you're ever in Plymouth Mass., ignore Plymouth Rock. It's a 4 foot by 4 foot boulder in a pit surrounded by pennies. Seriously... not worth it. However, if you do choose to come, The Plimoth Plantation is a very nice outdoor museum using actors from around the area to preserve the 1620's. The Mayflower isn't too bad I suppose... even though it's not the real Mayflower, but a replica made in the 1950's.
  3. Hmm.... if I had to guess, I'd say I put about 50 total days played into my character before I quit a few years ago (and am coming back for reasons I am unaware of). Now... Assuming $8 an hour (minimum wage here), thats $9600 before taxes. Sounds like a lot of wasted time on my part. Now.. WoW...the game I went to when I quit here.... I logged over 80 days played on my main and close to 20days played on all my alts. So 100 days played x 24 hours in a day at $8 an hour is $19200 dollars of actual time worth to me. Anyone wanna buy a Fully epicced Ret PvE, Ret PvP, Prot, Holy PvE, and Holy PvP Paladin with 2 twinks and a mid 70 Shadow/Disc priest for $19200?
  4. http://www.wowarmory.com/character-shee ... n=Amazadin Haven't been on these forums in forever.... Nadril is at almost 19k posts - last time I was here he had just broken 10k XD.
  5. I didn't read the whole part of this topic, only the first page, so if this has been said before, sorry for repeating. But, your comment is misleading. There are no criminal penalties, but it doesn't go unpunished. The weed is confiscated, and you have to pay fines that increase each time you are caught, and after enough instances (not sure on the exact number) criminal charges will be brought against you. I for one, don't smoke weed. I know several types of people who have though. There are the people who can smoke weed and only weed and nothing else. They don't do harder drugs, and never have, and they rarely drink. I also know another type of people. The people who smoked weed, then gradually progressed into other drugs. I know some really messed up people now because of minor experimentation with seemingly harmless drugs. Buddy of mine just checked into rehab for a serious heroin addiction. He's 19 now and he started smoking weed (his first drug ever) when he was 16. For the people who say it's not a gateway drug, it is.
  6. My gear is [cabbage] atm. Lol. Look me up. --> http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Magtheridon&n=Blindinlight Here's what I want. Paladin Lvl 60 PvP Epic set: Helm --> http://www.wowhead.com/?item=29616 Shoulders --> http://www.wowhead.com/?item=29617 Chest --> http://www.wowhead.com/?item=29615 Gloves --> http://www.wowhead.com/?item=29613 Legs --> http://www.wowhead.com/?item=29614 Boots --> http://www.wowhead.com/?item=29612 Weapon --> http://www.wowhead.com/?item=18871 And throw in some random PvP fillers. It's gonna take 90 AV marks, 70 AB marks, 30 WSG marks, and almost 100k honor to get everything. +Agil to everything is gonna cost me a lot, and I still have to get my epic mount, so I'm guessing I will need a little over 1k Gold to finish this up, and I wanna be done with it by Valentine's day. Wish me luck. :thumbsup: Also, in your opinion, what will be better for this setup - Mongoose or Crusader?
  7. What level are you making your rogue? I have a 39 right now who I still need a few more pieces for and some more enchants but he's already a beast ambush rogue. Snippet -Frostmane if you want to armory him.. Here is the link: http://armory.worldofwarcraft.com/chara ... &n=Snippet I've actually changed my mind on the twink since last I posted. I decided to twink myself. 60 AV twink, ret pally. Im going for the level 60 PvP epic set with the high warlords pig sticker. Im guessing I will have around 6k hp unbuffed =]. I plan on putting +agility to everything I can, and celfthide to my legs, but I want to know whether to put Mongoose or Crusader on my weapon. Give me a couple minutes and I'll link the gear from WoWhead.com.
  8. Playing on my pally has just gotten boring. It was fun getting him to around 47 or 48, and completely owning in BG's, but it just isn't fun playing him anymore. No one would believe that I could out-dps a rouge in Instances so I couldn't get in as DPS, and i wasn't prot specced which made tanking hard. I had invested in a healing set just so that I could do some BRD and such, but even with that I wasnt a great healer. So, I spent some gold, and respecced (20g, I've tried out all the specs =]) to holy. I am a great healer IMO healing about 1600 - 2000 normal, and 2000 - 2600 crits with holy light at 53. I just hate healing. That is why after i finish my BE rouge twink, I'm rerolling as a mage. Anyone on Magtheridon - add me. 53 Pally - Blindinlight Rouge Twink - Twinkilla Also, I've been so bored that the last 3days played I've only gained about 60k XP =[.
  9. Im a prot pally and have never been holy spec =D I agree. Prot pallies have the best crowd control techniques and the specs ensure that you almost never die.
  10. Buffs are always nice. Dunno why we're even bother discussing this however, usually in a raid its good to have a mix of healers, and in 5 mans they're so easy it doesn't matter lol. I guess I'm just bored and don't have anything else to debate about, lol.
  11. Don't forget all the buff's that come with a pally. :P
  12. I disagree. I think that leveling a paladin is very fun as long as you do it right, and everyone wants a 70 Holy Pally for endgame instances. They are one of the best all around classes in the game. Holy paladin's are pretty out dated in PvP now though, IMO one of the worst PvP healers. They are just so easy to interupt, and they have no means to get away from others other than a bubble. Even with a high % mitigation its not that difficult to take them out (even as a rogue). I agree that they arent that good for PvP but for instances, I think they are the best .
  13. I disagree. I think that leveling a paladin is very fun as long as you do it right, and everyone wants a 70 Holy Pally for endgame instances. They are one of the best all around classes in the game.
  14. I just got Sul'Thraze the Lasher. Awesome sword. Levelling up my 2hand swords at the moment. It was a pitiful 130 :ohnoes: . Didnt play for aabout a week so ive been rested since 47 lol. Waiting on my server change to go through. Can't wait to start playing again. Level 50 Blood Elf Paladin. Old Server - Nazthrezim. New Server - Magtheridon. Hope to see some people around.
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