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  1. snap again... would drunk work for pass scamming?
  2. snap... that means all my work was in vain.... all my levels for naught.. snapz0rz
  3. please, people.. i need help on what to write in the appeal..
  4. right... would you mind, you know, suggesting something, 'cause i really want my account back, and I only have 1 appeal... ... and what does my main have to do with this?
  5. i need help.. mad help. I come home from school today, and BLAM! i find out I'm perm banned. Apparently, i was password scamming... here's the conversation: guy who reported me:[edit] is a noob me:no hes not [edit]:yeah he is me:ur just jealous [edit]: lol [edit]:hahahah of what blue myjestic? [edit]:its onyl 200k [edit]:if hes so rich why dos*t he have gold me:no, 86 mage pwnz0rz [edit]:eh bri [edit]:so? lol me:he gave me 5 mil to say that gwrm:hes still a nub [edit]: hahah yeah right me:lol me:... [at this point, a guy logs on and says he's the guy who we were talking about] me:then wuts its pass? the sad part is, Jagex didn't get my next line, which was "lol, jk" or something along those lines. First, I really need help on how i should appeal. This perm ban was for no good reason, i had no blackmarks, and just one offence. I know i can't appeal "it wasn't me", cause they'll check my IP address. Can anyone suggest what type of query i should send in and how i should word it? No naming names. ~RAHK
  6. I have an easy question. What do you get from the seed packs? The herb packs? The mineral packs? are these rewards random? b/c i think the mineral pack gives you 25 iron and 50 coal. thx in advance.
  7. lol dang... i planned on getting members on this name... fletching being my money maker too lol well better lvl to mage shrts than
  8. dang... well no dungeon for my house... mabye ill make two portal rooms...
  9. ice cube is probably more correct about the prices, atm im f2p , iwas stating the prices for back when i was a member on another account (over a year and a half ago lol)
  10. yew longs + high alch = 700+ GP, Its nearly impossible to sell 25k yew bows unless your supplying much of rnescape lvl 70 and lower fletchers, It would be more worth it for you to spend money getting 55 mage (if it isnt yet) and buying yew logs 200-250ea bowstrings or flax 100ea and nats 250ea than when you level up you can make better bows i beleive mage longs gibe 3k per alch, not to mention tooons of mage lvls high-alching that mnay bows. This is just my opinion, hope it helps
  11. I'd advise doing airs, i got my rcing to 55 that way and that's how i made my first mill, body's are a little faster but not by much, plus there kinda worthless for the exp. since there are way faster ways to gain mage lvls (depending on your current magic lvl) hope this helps
  12. thx guys, but are you positive about the exp. thing? A real-world friend told me they do... (hoping he was right lol)
  13. I have two simple questions that anyone with a higher lvl construction would know the anwser most likely first hand, 1) When you create a dungeon do the monsters drop items? Or merely respawn and give exp.? 2) How do you light the insence burners on the alters? Thanks for your help!
  14. interesting, hmm... never really thought too deeply bout that one, not mention ill b able to start makeing some green dhide stuff in a couple more crafting lvls (58 crafting)... hmm... ill probably try that one out...
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