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  1. Nice to have you back and going :-) Good luck with your goals.
  2. I've read every page, but this thread has changed so much since Suomi took the lead. It's not that interesting anymore. Maybe it will change when a new skill comes out and people can figure out the best ways for that skill.
  3. The column with names makes it hard to read, because those are different of length. If Gemeos would put that as the last column it would be much better probably, if that's possible.
  4. First off, please continue posting your calculator updates. I always liked comparing and I'm sure an easy solution to the layout will be there soon. About the hours Suomi played. Sure it's not as much if you spread it over a longer period of time, but don't forget he didn't get the xp rates people can get now for the majority of his skills. Which means that it's a lot more than assumed a few posts back. I don't know how many days over 1k he has (as Jebrim posted), but even at 1k it's 24k hours, which is assumingly 2.4k hours a year. That's still about 50 hours weekly and this is a rough estimate. Greetings,
  5. He's been spotted at Livid Farm apparently. This. He has also been doing C2s with members of TMOA for woodcutting xp. Recent tests showed that it could be up to 250k/h wc xp. Credit goes to Dragonseance.
  6. Yeah, agility, mining, fishing.
  7. Very nice post, thanks Pinata.
  8. As Jebrim said before, this can also be applied to other activities in Runescape (for example Thieving). I agree with Superheat and would like to know more if you're willing to share it, Jebrim.
  9. I wouldn't mind if both A13d and Langer did updates so we could read both their views on the top 15. I hope Langer will at least be active on this thread again.
  10. I also remember Daverick and Tysonevans were brothers. I think this was like 5 years ago though. yes thats who it is lol ty! They were both frontpage at a moment, with Daverick being #2 at best. Tysonevans is playing again.
  11. Congratulations Suomi, well done! :-)
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