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  1. Ahaha, I know what you mean. It's been one hell of a game to stick with though, been very interesting watching it expand and change. Though I missed cabbage field PKing (obviously not today's remake, but boy do I love PvP worlds...), I was around before Dragon Slayer was introduced... wasn't that September 12th, if I recall correctly? Retrospectively, a level 3 in full rune was pretty awesome/funny to see... (BOO LEVEL REQUIREMENTS! :P)
  2. I think that's the date when we could set recovery questions for the first time. I think before that we had to give our E-Mails. Anyways I started in late 2001. I think you're right, because I do recall them implementing them due to e-mail spoofing.
  3. I feel old... Main account, highest level is 93 lol... Created it September 4th 2001. One of my original pures, nice "last logged in" time, don't you think? Haven't played too much in several months (let alone ever), most of my friends are from way back when, and don't play anymore. Kind of peaceful, not having people nag you with questions lol. When did you guys start playing?
  4. I'm a little late to the party, but hypertext mark-up language lol And, XML, is the way of the future (Though it's waaay more complicated). You mean XHTML. XHTML is sort of a mix of XML and HTML.
  5. Another reason to get FireFox- Built in Spell Check.
  6. Why the hell would it be fake? Summoning raises the max combat level. This has been confirmed. F2p still can fight P2p players. This is a fact. Level 126 player verse, what was it, 135? Who has the advantage. Summoning will be F2p, but with more restrictions.
  7. I know 14 programming languages, care to test me? WOT DOES HTML STAND FOR? >_< Hypertext Markup Language... A ton is a ton, a few is a few... Programmers are people, who know quantities, too. Jesus, I made an unintentional rhyme... >_> if(Math.abs(getTradeValue(0)-getTradeValue(1)) > 3000) send('Invalid Trade'); Using a theoretical method to return the value of all items on the given side of the trade, and the theoretical method 'send' which would send both clients the 'Invalid Trade'. This is in no way actual code, but in theory, it works. P.S. Lionheart_0, There is no way in hell they would be stupid enough to make static code for each item in the GE. It's all Dynamic, I assure you.
  8. Nope. I know 14 programming languages, care to test me? I got my Sun Java Associate Certification when I was 15, thank you.
  9. I see a ton of people buying them, specifically maples, and willows... yet I always wonder what they're trying to do with them. Anyone got an idea?
  10. I did it the day it came out, and it only took me 30 minutes then. I used ROW only after possessing the Mithril Defender. But even then, there were people around me yelling about how they've been there for hours, and what not. So, I suppose they haven't tweeked it since, I guess you and I just got lucky.
  11. Already droped. Defense exp is _staying_ at 0. Just, awww... Out of a hundred some clues, definatly the first one I can't complete... :(
  12. I crossed the bridge with Zanik, yet she isn't attempting to communicate with the goblins, any idea why?
  13. Prepare to hate me: 300 tokens got me all the defenders with 40 tokens to spare.
  14. Could be your router is 802.11b Could be your drivers Can you connect through lined connection?
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