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  1. na...j mods can do that but p mods not even if it were secret dont have that...we'd know. Botters are alot more secretive than you think. We have spies. LOL you don't need to have spies to realize that Jagex would never let players have the power to ban people. not that part idiot....
  2. na...j mods can do that but p mods not even if it were secret dont have that...we'd know. Botters are alot more secretive than you think. We have spies.
  3. seeing as i am a botter i can tell you that colors will not mess it up seeing as it has ID numbers for every item in rs and it clicks on an item dependent on its ID. And to those of you who think the banning of the site was a major blow your completely wrong. Jagex has taken the domain name rsbots.orgs from them because it has rs in it. They just moved the site to a different name so its still in full power just under a different name now so jagex cant do anything. Im going to be honest and say that besides combat bots that will pick stuff up like the nature rune trick there is not much you can do besides reporting. The bots are probably even more human like than you are (i know right). I just decided to post for the hell of it, im not trying to be a [bleep] to anyone.
  4. That made me spit my water everywhere. Thanks for that. :XD: lol, i didnt know what to say after he asked me that...i was speechless seeing as i was a guy also (if anyone didnt get that)
  5. check my sig, happened nearly 2 years ago in falador while i was smithing cannon balls ( i remember it like it way yesterday)
  6. I've just gotten back into runescape again after about a 3 years or so. I am working on my pure and am wondering im 40 attack 85 strength and 15 def ( i know). What is the best spot i could go for maximum xp. (also advice on def would be nice). Ive tried pest control and soul wars but they are both too slow at this point.
  7. Well i know there an order of quests to do before i train up levels on my pure. Im currently 52 attack 84 strength and 42 defence. Im going to do lost city first then i suppose i just do all the quests following Monkey Madness and then do monkey madness? Or are there some that i should do for later times?
  8. When was the last time that was updated?
  9. Well, a while back i invested in 2 red masks and now i keep on seeing them go down and down and down. Why the heck are they going down after being 40m a couple months ago. Also, do you think they will rise again?
  10. Well ya some of you (probably none=D) know that my main was banned, i had 70m on my pure, but that was mistakingly banned for a ridiculous reason and im stuck with g maul pure. I am training this into a rune pure, so i want 45 def. Im getting dragon slayer done tonight but i know that doesnt automatically get you 45 def. So im wondering if theres any quests or anything is should do that would help me out so i dont train to 45 def then realize i had to do a quest... \
  11. Well my main has 10.3 still (banned) and for some odd reason i was banned for website advertising???on my pure which i didnt, to be honest they should not make 1 offence 10.0 black marks, some people do deserve a second chance.....Also my old old old main still has 10.0 black marks lol no change in that...
  12. I am not a member, what exactly are these shards?? Also i hear you can make money back..but it also costs alot=o
  13. Thank you man, i believe i was incorrectly banned for real world trading :-k . I have also appealed my last chance and it was denied.
  14. Thought i might aswell bump and also tell everybody that i was banned. R.I.P. 326death326 Welcome youknowwh0 (thats a zero) Add me all i need to regain my friends list
  15. Very nice_bank seems pretty whole to but it seems to be missing something :-k ? I'm not sure, but you should buy full ahrims. 9/10 \
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