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  1. Even so, what font was it? Does anyone know? .:x:.
  2. Doesn't look half bad, but slightly kinky. Also namename what font is that that you used for your Nami signature? It looks really cool .:x:.
  3. It is but it's a 3 week ban I think .:x:.
  4. Oooooo I gots some new artwork for ya'll Also done some bar signatures for some people in my clan. Just kept the same design, but changed the name. Want to rate any of them for me? Also what is this doing on the third page! .:x:.
  5. Nice Signatures Gold! Also another place you may want to consider looking for renders is in http://www.gamerenders.com Got some pretty near stuff there .:x:.
  6. I got something that could be used for the Gallery if you want. It's my best signature to date - What ya'll think of it? .:x:.
  7. For the text, I didn't actually paint over it, I just set the mode to Overlay. Reason I used that render was because as I was searching for one before my mum disconnected me from net... And that was only reasonable render I had lying around. Also cadbury how do you make it in your signatures that part of the render sticks out from the rest of the image? .:x:.
  8. Well I am also Graphics Team "Learner" Using ExpertSeth's tutorial (look up this page) I made this signature: Any comments on it? .:x:.
  9. I will see what I can do. But I will only do the main one, not the white background one as well .:x:.
  10. A friend told me. But whats even funnier is that I only just discovered Tip.It's actual site (not the forums) :oops: .:x:.
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