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  1. I agree. it seems as if host bart has slowed his pace down a little or just that simon stepped it up and is gaining on him
  2. Oh yes and SUOMI offcourse doesn't :S? No Elias is not gonna get that record. SUOMI continues for a long long time like 5M xp a day and catching in on Elias and when the double xp weekends come again SUOMI will train summoning. SUOMI himself might achieve that record, but it will cost him like a year or so. yea all depends on when he does buyables but its mmore of an advantage to not be number 1 cuz then less enerds stalking and causing exp waste. also i was wondering like with elias how slow is say doing lrc superheat/gold....( mage/smith/mine xp) overall xp per hour compared to say a buyable xp overall per hour and would he be able to get enough xp per hour to fend off suomi?
  3. Idk if suomi would be able to pass elias by 300mill might be a lil rough because dont forget elias still has around 40 mil construct and 134 mill summon xp which will be 174mill quick xp that he has at his disposal he could use if someone trys gettin 300mill ahead
  4. so he has 70 mill left to go in 1.5 weeks? is that possible with cooking? im guessing yess if you hit it hard
  5. Jw is simon in contention for the monthly overall record for overall xp? it seems like it im just not exactly sure when he started gettin his mad xp
  6. simon offically holds the monthly prayer record now. and isnt even at 200mill xp yet!! amazing
  7. Im just curious how you guys make money on ftp. i have a noob ftp account and i can't seem to find a place without a million bots to make a lil bit of money or even get an okay amount of experience
  8. Wow very generous! your the man they all deserve a lil help video reminds me of how broke i am :P
  9. In regards to living minerals how low do you think they could possibly go?? and do you think they will rise back up again. or stay at 80 or less for good?
  10. Thanks for the update Langer as always it was an enjoyable read!
  11. If simon continues his current xp gains for prayer all the way to 200mil then he will get the all time monthly prayer xp record!
  12. I just got to 80 dung but still need 50k tokens till i can get a chaotic FML
  13. you called that pretty good as of so far. and now ya know why telmo isnt as in as good of shape :P
  14. elias just reached 2.9bill gratz
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