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  1. Good luck to you both, will be definitely following! :D
  2. You seem to be really productive! :D I really like your ability of doing many things during one day, I don't ever manage to do that. :rolleyes:
  3. Oh wow, huge congrats on that amazing achievement! I'm still waiting for that 'getting rich' day to come. :lol:
  4. Blog re-done. :D 7 99s as of now: Magic, Defence, Attack, Hitpoints, Strength, Slayer and Ranged. (Pictures in the Completed goals section.) Next on the list Summoning (now 95), Prayer (now 71) and Agility 99 (now 81). Also trying to get total level up. :)
  5. Uh, should update more often. Loads of new levels, mainly been slaying the last months. Defence 99 (pictures at the first page) Currently training Attack, now 86 Hitpoints 93 Strength 88 Ranged 89 COMBAT p2p 122 f2p 113 Slayer 91
  6. The link in the list goes to my old blog, thank you. :) http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?f=98&t=750236
  7. I've been too lazy with my blogs lately. Ill try to do better. :oops: Started slaying a bit ago, hopefully have the motivation to do it until 99, but we'll see. Always loved slayer (one of the best skills), after getting members it's been the only way I train combat, so it was pretty obvious choice. Always wanted to raise it, but wanted my other skills higher but now it feels like the right time to start focusing on that. I updated the start of the blog pretty completely, all goals updated etc. :P So combat stats and slayer level now - 80 attack 87 strength 94 defence 89 hitpoints 80 ranged 70 prayer 70 summoning COMBAT LEVEL 117 p2p 108 f2p 86 slayer
  8. Awesome, fishies always make me think of Gollum. <3 You're so cloooose. :thumbsup: Enjoy the fishing. :
  9. Congrats for the runecrafting level, hoping to get that myself some day too. :D
  10. Grats for the nice slayer level, got into slaying again myself. :D
  11. Thanks guys. :) Skully and Zierro - yeah I remember seeing both of you quite a bit while I was runecrafting. :D [hide=Loads of pictures of new levels
  12. Nice blog and good luck with your goals. :thumbsup:
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