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  1. Heylo Shey, grats on the many impressive achievements over the years :)
  2. So I pretty much suck at maintaining activity on these forums after losing my interest in the game. However, I have finally updated the index. I will try to update it at least once a month, and I am also trying to get a new, better caretaker for this thread. -Saidin cerberus700, your link doesn't actually lead anywhere. You need to replace the #s with an actual topic number.
  3. So I finally bought Rock Band 2... used the Unlock All cheat because I'm currently too lazy to do career. FCs thus far: #1 Master Exploder - 12th - 202,586 - The third solo was mildly annoying, but easy enough overall #2 Spoonman - 20th - 163,286 - Sightread FCed, then played it once more and reFCed for a higher score - I have not yet missed a note in this song ;) . #3 Ace of Spades '08 - 11th - 132,314 - FCed and ReFCed twice for better score, first FC was 132,076, second was 132,062. Currently playing around with Panic Attack - so far my best is 99%, need to practice the solo.
  4. Caprici Di Diablo is a fun chart :) 95% - 247k - 4th on RB1 I do plan to get RB2... maybe... probably... maybe.
  5. I did stuff: Love In An Elevator - 1st/1st - 446,516 - First FC of this Complete Control - 1st/1st - 249,816 - This was one more squeeze than 2nd... rather surprising Personality Crisis - 1st/2nd - 370,619 - Seriously no one tries on GHA Joe Perry Guitar Battle - 2nd/3rd - 372,050 - First FC... followed two -1s in random spots Bright Light Fright - 3rd/4th - 215,525 - Ticks are stupid Talk Talkin' - 3rd/7th - 209,777 - I wish Joe Perry didn't make music. Rag Doll - 4th/5th - 306,130 - Missed the last squeeze (which I hit the run before), which would've tied for 1st Livin' on the Edge - 5th/7th - 347,204 - Forgot to go for ticks on this She Sells Sanctuary - 5th/12th - 384,198 - Missed a very easy squeeze; will redux, just wanted a ReFC before sleep I do have pics of all, but I don't care enough to upload.
  6. Definitely not buying GH:SH... Sightread FC of Woman on Guitar, 2nd time FC of Take Me Out and RARAN (first run of RARAN I missed the last set of pull offs in the song because they were slower than I thought) Edit: Went through Bass RARAN FC on like the 5th time playing TMO sightread FC Woman 95% 5* - I don't care enough to try to do better Note that this is my first time ever dealing with open notes >_>
  7. Haven't posted here in a while because I haven't played in a while. Did a few random runs of DWDTG H yesterday. Best run had a VSR FC, but I missed the SP in both VSB and VSE, so I missed out on an entire activation. Aside from those misses, I missed in DSB on the triplets, Chorus 1, and I somehow screwed up in measures 213 and 214. The score was 675k, my best is 681k, so if I could do that again without missing the SP, that would be great. Also related to DWDTG - 655k on expert on a random PFO - first time I had played it in a few months. It was nice :
  8. So I finally played some World Tour on the copy I borrowed from a friend. 24 FCs thus far (tiers 1-6 [except No Sleep Till Brooklyn...] and tier 8). I took pics of every FC, but I haven't uploaded any of them because I don't really see the point. Notable ranks: About A Girl (Unplugged) - 2nd/2nd - Good reverse ticking, could've had 1st but barely ticked the last activation You're Gonna Say Yeah! - 2nd/2nd - Could be 1st. All I'm going to say. Up Around The Bend - 2nd/2nd - Same thing ^ Freak On A Leash - 3rd/3rd - I don't particularly remember this very well, but I believe I missed some major squeezes. Misery Business - 2nd/2nd - Ticks away from 1st Tool Tier 1st/1st (for the tier, not each song, but each song below:) Parabola - 3rd/3rd - This makes me laugh, because Pas (who has 1st) thought he hit all the squeezes. I came in about 180 points below him with 3 missed squeezes. Schism - 1st/2nd - Some ticks. Boo hoo. Vicarious - 1st/1st - Got optimal on my first FC of it (which was my 3rd run of it ever). Sadly, it's not actually optimal, but the chances of anyone getting the extra squeeze are low. Hey Man, Nice Shot - 2nd/3rd - Barely missed a squeeze that would've gotten me first by 4 points Feel The Pain - 2nd/2nd - Missed a squeeze. Don't really care, it's not an interesting song... Everlong - 1st/1st - My second optimal of the game And something that should've been good, but wasn't: The Middle - 15th/19th - I had a run where I hit literally all of the squeezes on pman's path, which would've set me way ahead of 1st. I completely failed the solo that run. After that run, I didn't hit any of the squeezes again :(
  9. Finally got a run without a choke: [hide=Before I Forget (1st/1st)][/hide]
  10. This was a LONG time coming [hide=Cult of Personality (2nd/3rd)][/hide] That wraps up all the career songs I'll be FCing anytime soon.
  11. Forum was down when I did this, so posting it now... [hide=Radio Song (1st/1st)] One run optimal :D[/hide] Last night I failed/choked plenty of attempted stuff, and I am completely capable of getting 1st on Before I Forget (3 choked 1st place-able runs), FCPREMIX (just need to get the squeezes on my FC run), and, as I have been for ages, Impulse (I just can't seem to get it :( ) Also attempted/going to keep attempting a few squeezes Lemon and I found in 3's & 7's... they're very difficult squeezes, so I haven't hit them yet, but they are technically possible.
  12. Because I feel like posting again... two scores improved [hide=Barracuda (5th/9th)] I only hit the 1st squeeze... didn't expect top 20, nevermind top 10. I didn't even TRY for any squeezes besides the 1st >_> However I know that the 2nd is incredibly difficult.[/hide][hide=One (42nd/61st)] Finally passed without SP... decent FSB and FSD as well. Raining Blood is now the only song without a decent score in this tier (decent considering no tapping >_>)[/hide]
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