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  1. sometimes in real life my friend go and walk to the park and we make up songs and sing them :D its fun...We love to sing.
  2. Good idea laugh it of i do that all the time i reframe for calling them a noob back thats just childish or to make them mad i just say Thanks buddie lol that always gets them going :) I have a friend irl who has a step dad he plays he is 43 or so maby 44 i really dont know well 43or44 one of the two but he gives me some pretty good tips i like adults they give you good advis :D
  3. My Grandma is 73 but she dont play rs she's my little Bingo grandma LOL i love my grandma :) yeah there was this one man 74 years old level 204 total i was like man he had been playing runescape for 10 years i was like Jezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :anxious:
  4. Well i usually tell it like it is or i try :anxious: but some times you cant hold your breath just let it out like i sometimes sing LOL i know its dum but when know ones around its fun just letting it out..Wat do you think? Do you ever let it out.. :D
  5. there was a little 7 year old that kept foloin me OH MY GOSH when it could not get any worse he starts singing the barney song just to annoy me well it worked i logged out into a diffrent world and he added me and came to my world so i put the little pest on ignor LIST yeah me =D> =D> :D
  6. Its fun playing with older people they always make me laugh :P or somthin or some try to scamm me -.- -.- anyways older folks playing runescape makes it more fun all young kids playing would just be a dum game there would be to much swerin...I love older folks playing rs it makes it better oh no effence on younger kids swerin i just see alot do not sayin you guys here tho :
  7. No way your still young my moms friend is 57 and she still plays you got some great years ahead of you..Trust me.Even tho im only 13 i know..(female) not to many girls play video games were just one of them..
  8. Yes i do on my old account i annoy people actually i folo them around and just start talking so much they report me and i say Thanks LOL wierd but Funny :lol:
  9. Yes i was traning on level 21 gaurds and this guy comes up and says you wanna be my "Girlfriend" im like Errr no he says Why?i said just not that desparet to have one online....OKKKKKKK thats wat he said. walks up to a girl next to me Hey you wanna be my "Girlfriend"she said sure i was like :anxious: ok a little diffrent but uh yeah watever not my problem... :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  10. NoobAnAtor392 ahh im a girl and i made that account but i never play that account anymore level 36 tho but hate the name
  11. i think it should be on your favorite things like me Silversnow95 well i like the color silver and i love snow and my second favorite number is 95 ... 21 is my real favorite number but someone had that darn owell but green is my favorite color but greensnow95 would not sound good so silversnow95 it is :thumbsup:
  12. kewl yeah i got it of my friends not suprising they tell me every thing : but there step dad plays it to so he also got me into it which is kewl because i love it :3>
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