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  1. mega did i post that picture when i had 'young p' or 'seal of doom'? it seems very familiar to me.
  2. ill go.im a lvl 103 semi pure. 87 95 70.ill melee.ill take torags with warrior with fury and berserker and whip with r defender? name is tha_movement.
  3. LOL @ the story... 1.you really think,that someone would be able to HOARDE ALL THE DRAGON PLATES,DRAGON FULL HELMS,AND D2HS?Yeah right. 2.And you really think that jagex would just let that slide,and let that person have them all?And even if he did,how would he of gotten em,they didnt just magically appear.Every item in RS comes from a shop,a quest,player made,or monster drop.And none of those support that idea. I would LOVE to see dragon plate.I mean theres not one other armor set in the game that is missing a helmet or plate,thats rediculous,especially if its supposed to be the next best thing to barrows,it should definetly be there.
  4. yes,im p2p,and no,i dont have 66 slayer,i was thinking of doing it.and i can own pretty much any mosnter besides KQ etc lol,but yeah.i want like drag drops,whats the best way to get em?or rare item drops.
  5. ok im 85 91 70,and im tryign to find a monster to kill for a nice amounts of cash.anyone have any ideas?
  6. im a barrows pure at 75 90 70 atm.im going 95 str then 85 attack.i trained at pest control alot,try that,or rock crabs in relekka or expirements in creature of frenkenstein quest.
  7. fubai,what is that on your head in your str training outfit?
  8. I'd have better gloves but im a barrows pure and too lazy,whats your most used/favorite outfit?
  9. What is the woodcutting needed to get to dragosn,i know the first one you need like 30 something,but what about the last vines?
  10. how much is it,and how much bonus does it give?
  11. young p got banned, since back then.my first char,shot5times,was banned the first week p2p came out at lvl 81,banned since :-\
  12. maybe you pked at castle on rsc,im sure you remember young p,the rune pure that was 99 cb 96 92 99 lol.
  13. Silentboy,did you used to goto RSNEWERA? I seem to remember you somehow,i know i do,my aliases shot5times,young p,seal of doom where do i knwo you from?and yeah,contact me on AIM or MSN, AIM- I young p I MSN- [email protected] ill try to help you out,i think i can.
  14. whats your favorite spot for combat training,good drops,or both?
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