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  1. Good fight aswell as a good pull from you guys. Was there for 4 hours. Died 8 times and got 2 kills, one from Ggs320 containing a Corrupt Dragon square shield. Were kind of disapointed with our pull, considering we got 135 and peaked not far from 150(I think), versus Corr the weekend before. Didn't really like the flaming from a few of your members calling me a spastic, reject, idiot, kid, clan hopper, Vr spy, moron, insulting my english, nanospy, etc. But thats just Runescape really :) . Hope to fight you again soon ;) .
  2. Everyone seems to know about Timmy, A.K.A Hellslayer H these days due to an youtube video. Man, we were laughing at this a month ago on the Di forums.
  3. Looked like a fun fight. Not sure what has happened to Tt considering their pulls after that Vr fight.Doesn't seem like D2 and Lukas leaving affected you. Gongratulations on pk leader aswell, I'm sure you'll do a good job.
  4. Looked like a fun fight. Shame Vr had to create beef on that Rsc topic, afterall capped fights are for fun.
  5. Pretty much summed up the two words and what they mean.
  6. Alot of those pictures has already been posted, aswell as this being #214241 topic about it. Oh well, still good and a topic that values discussion compared to Mazgars stupid topics and the topics about the runescape economy. Wish I had played back then.
  7. No. Blame Jagex itself for it, as they invented the Ge system and made that stupid tradelimit. Or if you want to sell the item for a larger price, post on for example the Di forums and then transfer the item via Bh by using a middleman.
  8. So, why does everyone call PLAYER KILLING A.K.A PKING, Pvp now? That makes me slap my face more than pjers. Oh well, there has always been pjers and there will always be pjers. It's their's choice of what to do, no one likes what they do, but obviously we can't stop them.
  9. Oh, after nearley 3 years 'Dam' has been uncensored.
  10. They do what they want, that's they are doing. Just because they are using different armour doesn't mean they're idiots eh? Afterall, this game is for fun!
  11. Another discusson about the so called 'Mechscape'. It hasn't been released, and I doubt that many will play unless It's actually very good+ the fact that some people has wasted many years on Runescape, and I doubt people would bother to do that with Mechscape. They already have a bunch of subscribers and players so I doubt they will end something so profitable.
  12. So why does these Achivement capes make so much drama these days? Pisses me off to see topic #12314142 about apparently 'People say that about my skill cape etc' or which cape is most respectable, It pisses me off. It's just a cape, ignore them. Let them keep their opinion to themself and be proud you still have an maxed skill and their most likely jealous.
  13. you sir are an idiot. that would be amazing, and they really should already be assigned by shilo master -.- mine would be making pure essence minable in f2p,with a npc that would buy members pure ess for the week after the update at the med price as of the day of ther update. this would make runecrafting reasonably good money again. another would be to introduce a new spell book(with a quest) that required 76+ mage, and every spell used at least 1 blood rune...there is no reason for bloods to be below the price of death rune :wall: Thank you kind sir for calling me an idiot! I see I can't post my honest opinion in an so called 'Fun' topic these days. No reason why I shouldn't miss those things, and yes I know they will not come back.
  14. The old wilderness back, no trading limit + the old actually good graphics.
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