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  1. firemaking! miss those good ol days
  2. definitely catherby and seers village. first members areas i went to so its nostalgiac haha
  3. i listen to music and occasionally watch tv/movies
  4. just gettin wasted with the bros! bro rape!
  5. Hope you have a Happy Birthday!

  6. i cnt stand dungeoneering. one reason is if my friends arent on i cnt train it that well and i hate playing with random ppl bc they alwys end up being morons. also its just boring and if your gonna give out armour and weapons etc, make them more accessible. i will prob never do the skill again bc its just aweful
  7. if they raised it id quit, just seems lame imo
  8. i lold when i saw the new main page bc there trying to make it look all intense and what not
  9. nobody "needs" a 99 but if they want one than who cares if they grind out for it. they can play as they want
  10. just a bunch of whiners imo. if you have a problem with the game dont play, jagex is doing a great job. looking forward to all their promised content, not my fault you complainers are impatient
  11. also theres really no point, no reward or anything cool in the game. just personal satisfaction
  12. AgentEarl


    went on a hike, washed my car, now going to ref hockey later. end the night by playing MW2 and RS
  13. haha thats prob half of everyones dreams
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