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  1. damn you want to talk about nostalgia... randomly thought to check out tip,it then even further looking up some old pics and what not i may have posted, and photobucket went to shit apparently, because none of my pics on any thread are here... brought back some awesome memories re-reading everything and seeing this damn near brought a tear to my eye... everyone was so young back then now look at all of us, grown with kids of our own and lives... i wonder how many old school clan people from back then still play.... to say i miss it is an understatement!!! edit: to say i miss it AND THEM is an understatement
  2. better late than never i guess... never seen anyone flip-flop on subjects the way jagex does!
  3. i know right? i didn't believe there was even any ingame yet but sure enough... the sad part is they haven't banned the ones who were abusing it... dont know what theyre waiting on
  4. seen someone trying to sell tetsu helm yesterday.. apparently his friend bug abused and sold it to him for 300m. he was asking 1.3b for it and rumor is he got max cash stack for it... friggin crazy lol
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