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#1 Anyone know who made this becuase it is just niiiiice












#2 How do you make a picture to to a website when you click it(sigs and such)



-------------------------------|||121/124 Cmb|||-------------------------------

|||98/99 Str|||99/99 Att|||97/99 Def|||82/90 Range|||91/94 Magic|||


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The_Jeppoz made it back in October last year.








Here is the code to make an image link somewhere else.




















Mercifull <3 Suzi

"We don't want players to be able to buy their way to success in RuneScape. If we let players start doing this, it devalues RuneScape for others. We feel your status in real-life shouldn't affect your ability to be successful in RuneScape" Jagex 01/04/01 - 02/03/12

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