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Tip.it Forum Guide - Important Posting FAQs

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Important Posting FAQs

Welcome to the Tip.it Forums!

This guide's purpose is to help our members understand certain features and rules of the boards.

Don't know where to post a certain thread or topic?

Most of the time, this question could be answered by looking at the board descriptions (the smaller text below each of the board's title). However, there are a couple points that need to be made. For more specific instructions and in-depth explanations of each of the forums, stickies and their purposes, view the second post of this thread.

All questions belong in the Help & Advice board! Even Tip.it-related ones.

All buying and selling of RuneScape items must be done in the Marketplace. This is pretty basic. Posting on the General Discussion board to sell or buy items is not allowed.


Has my topic been posted before?

Before posting regarding a certain subject, a general rule of thumb is to search for that topic before posting. The thread you want to post already may have been posted! The search tool is particularly useful when asking a question because a lot of the basic RuneScape questions have already been asked, or posted about, so doing a quick search of the boards usually gives you an answer to your question.


How much is my item worth?

Your most useful tool for determining the price of an item is the RuneScape Grand Exchange. If you visit the Grand Exchange in Varrock, you will be able to receive the most accurate and up-to-date price for your item. If it is inconvenient for you to visit Varrock, you can look up the current Grand Exchange prices of an item by typing the item's name into the Tip.it Items Database. The Items Database will give you the minimum, market and maximum prices of an item.


How do I get an image into my signature? What are the limits for signature sizes?

This is a very common question; there is already a guide regarding the technical parts of adding an image to your signature. That guide can be found here: How-To Guide: Taking Screenshots and Posting Images.

The limits for images in your signature are as follows: 500 pixels wide by 250 pixels high by 150 kilobytes in filesize. All this information can be found by right clicking on the image in a common browser such as Internet Explorer, Opera, or Firefox. You may include multiple images in your signature but the combined width and height may not exceed the limits of 500x250 pixels. If your signature does exceed these limits, it will be removed by a Super Moderator or Administrator. For more information on signatures and signature limits, read the following guide: Signature Guide.


Why do some people have two avatars? And what do the titles above avatars mean?

Official Tip.it Staff members have an additional avatar above their personal avatar. These avatars will say things like "Tip.it Global Mod," or "Tip.it Admin," etc. Administrators, Moderators, Crew members, Researchers, Events Team members and Editorial Panel members all have their own unique "second" avatars. Jagex staff members also have their own avatars, even though they are not affiliated with Tip.it or the forum staff. You may find a complete list of the Tip.it Staff members and the various avatars here: Tip.It Staff List. Please note that anyone who is not a Tip.it Staff member is not permitted to use any of these avatars. If you are found using one of these avatars, it will be removed and additional disciplinary action may taken against your forum account and/or avatar privileges, if necessary.

The titles above avatars are called ranks. These titles change as your post count increases. To find out what all the ranks are and what post count you need for each one, read the following guide: Tip.it Forum Guide - Post Count. Tip.it Staff members have special ranks to reflect their status on the staff. Crew members will be labeled as "Tip.It Crew," etc. Sometimes you will come across someone who has a rank that is not on the Tip.it Post Count Guide list and is not a Tip.it Staff rank. These people have won what we call the Tip.it Rank Contest. Rank Contests are held every 3-5 months. The contest can be anything: from caption contests to story-telling contests, etc. All users may enter except for Tip.it Staff members because they are the ones who judge the contest. The reward for winning the Rank Contest is being able to create your own custom rank!


I've been scammed! What do I do next?

While we don't condone scamming in any way, we don't allow you to "point out" the scammer. This causes problems and doesn't really do any good. We are not affiliated with RuneScape in any way; naming names does not help you get your items back, nor does it necessarily bring the scammer to justice.

If you would like to share your story about how you got scammed with your fellow Tip.it'ers, you may post it in the following thread without naming names: How I lost my items - by scamming, dying and others.


Someone is posting inappropriate or out-of-place material on the boards! Who do I contact?

When someone posts something inappropriate or offensive, we ask you not to confront this person directly. Rather than post or private message the person, we urge you to use the reporting feature of this site. Below all posts - in between "Back to top" and "Blog This" - is a button named "Report," marked with "!". This button allows users to report bad posts to our Moderator Team. This system generates a single report for all Moderators with abilities in the forum. Upon clicking the report icon, you will be presented with a text box to explain how the post violates the Tip.it Forum Rules. Including a link to the offending post is not necessary as the system includes this information automatically. Please use good judgment when reporting posts to the Moderators; somebody calling you a "noob" or not agreeing with your opinion is not a reason to submit a report on their posts. Abusing this system can and WILL result in action being taken against your account on our forums!



Some information on the Tip.it main page is incorrect, outdated, or it doesn't exist at all! Who do I contact?

For matters involving the Tip.it Main Page, we ask you to post on the Website Updates & Corrections board. Post the correction/update on the appropriate thread, and a Crew member will work on fixing the problem when he/she has time. Any and all corrections you post are appreciated!


Other questions and queries

If you have questions regarding BBCode, you can take a look at the BBCode help page. This can be accessed by clicking the "Help" icon help.png that appears on the right hand side above the text box when creating a new post or thread. All other questions regarding forum information, editing your profile, etc. may be posted in Help & Advice or Forum Updates & Suggestions.

If you have questions regarding the forum rules, the appropriateness of your signature, text, or post, or you have problems with a user of the boards, feel free to contact a moderator. Administrators should only be contacted if you have a problem with a moderator or staff member if no other moderators are available to help you. You may find a complete list of the current moderators and administrators here: Tip.It Staff List.Thanks and enjoy your stay at the Tip.it Forums!

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