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How-To Guide: Taking Screenshots and Posting Images

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How-To Guide: Taking Screenshots & Posting Images

Capture the screenshot to your clipboard:

  • Mac OS -> press [shift]+[Apple Key]+[3] to capture the entire screen, or [shift]+[Apple Key]+[4] and click and drag what you'd like to capture.
  • Windows -> Press [Print screen] to capture the entire Desktop or [Alt]+[Print Screen] to capture the active window.
  • For some laptops, press [FN] + [insert] to capture the screen.
  • Open a graphics program such as MS Paint, Paint.NET or IrfanView.
  • Paste the image.
  • Crop/resize the image to the smallest portion you need to post.
  • Save it as an image file to your hard drive.
  • Upload your file to an imaging host.


Upload sites with free access that require registration

  • PhotoBucket
    File Types: bmp, jpg, gif, swf
    Max Image Size: 800 X 600
    Storage: 1 GB
    Bandwith: 10 GB/month
  • Sighost.com
    Account: Free (branded) and Member
    File Types: jpg, gif, png
    Max Image Size: 128KB & 640x480
    Storage: 256KB
    Bandwith: 100MB/month
    Note: Images gets the label "Hosted by http://www.sighost.com at the lower-right part.
    The 60 days trial has no labeled images but it consists of 2 months hosting - 1 month of access.
  • VillagePhotos
    File Types: bmp, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, swf, psd, tif, tiff
    Max Image Size: 250KB
    Storage: 10 MB
    Bandwith: N/A


Upload sites with free access that do not require registration:

  • ImageShack
    File Types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, tif, tiff, swf
    Max Image Size: 1.5 MB
  • TinyPic.com (a Photobucket Video and Image Hosting company)
    File Types: bmp, jpg, gif, png, tif
    Max Image Size: 250KB

Note: When the image is done uploading, be sure to save the link it gives you! Some hosts will have the link with IMG tags ready to just grab.

  • Copy the link generated by the host site.
  • Paste the link into your post content with img tags surrounding it like this:
  • To make your image a clickable link use the following code:
  • Preview your post to ensure the image appears properly.
  • Submit your post.


Note: Forum Signature Limits are 700 pixels wide by 300 pixels high by 750Kb file size.

Avatar limits are 100 pixels wide by 100 pixels high, by 100Kb file size.
Refer to the Forum Rules for additional guidelines.

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