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Tip.It Forum Terms of Service


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SECTION 1 - Conduct Guidelines

  • [anchorlink=jagex]1.1 - Breaking or encouraging others to break any of Jagex's rules[/anchorlink]
  • [anchorlink=spam]1.2 - Irritating Posting Styles/Spamming[/anchorlink]
  • [anchorlink=flaming]1.3 - Flaming, Violence, Harassment & Pointless Vulgarity[/anchorlink]
  • [anchorlink=ontopic]1.4 - Stay on Topic[/anchorlink]
  • [anchorlink=names]1.5 - Naming Names[/anchorlink]
  • [anchorlink=controversial]1.6 - Highly Controversial Topics[/anchorlink]
  • [anchorlink=personal]1.7 - Volunteering Personal Information[/anchorlink]
  • [anchorlink=advertising]1.8 - Advertising[/anchorlink]
SECTION 2 - Additional Forum Guidelines
  • [anchorlink=english]2.1 - English is the only language used on Tip.It Forums[/anchorlink]
  • [anchorlink=bannedposting]2.2 - Posting on Behalf of Banned Users[/anchorlink]
  • [anchorlink=bbcode]2.3 - BBCode may be used only for images, links, or non-disturbing (excessive) text[/anchorlink]
  • [anchorlink=signatures]2.4 - Signatures and Avatars[/anchorlink]
  • [anchorlink=displaynames]2.5 - Display Names[/anchorlink]
  • [anchorlink=privatemessages]2.6 - Private Messages[/anchorlink]
  • [anchorlink=penalties]2.7 - Penalties[/anchorlink]
  • [anchorlink=staff]2.8 - Tip.It Staff[/anchorlink]
  • [anchorlink=monitoring]2.9 - Monitoring[/anchorlink]
  • [anchorlink=report]2.10 - Report Post Function[/anchorlink]
  • [anchorlink=polls]2.11 - Forum Polls[/anchorlink]
SECTION 3 - Terms of Service
  • [anchorlink=terms]Terms of Service[/anchorlink]
  • [anchorlink=privacycopyright]Privacy and Copyright[/anchorlink]

Most recent changes in red


Tip.It is a forum that strives to maintain an intellectual, mature, respectful and responsible environment. We do place some limits on filtering pointless vulgarities and other words which we feel cannot be used in a discussion properly. We have a user base of young teens to adults and strive to maintain and promote an environment that is suitable for all demographics and as such, photographs, blog entries, posts, etc. containing offensive, explicit content, or overly sexual images are not permitted. Tip.It strives to maintain this environment without offending any demographic group by placing a damper on intelligent discussions, creativity or the culture of our forums. Topics that we deem unsuitable, such as sex, may be removed at a moderators discretion. If you disagree with this removal, please PM an administrator.




Tip.It and its associated counterparts (forums, etc) are Platinum-level approved fansite communities of Jagex Ltd. We strictly enforce RuneScape's Rules in this community. Posting complaints or accusations against other players on these forums is pointless as we have no power to assist in anything pertaining to RuneScape accounts. Please direct all complaints/appeals/requests regarding your RuneScape account to Jagex via their /[Please Use QuickFind Code]?103,104]Contact Us forum or the Appeal Offenses function on the RuneScape Main Page.


Our relationship with Jagex is described in full on our Jagex Page.

SECTION 1 - TIP.IT RULES - Conduct Guidelines



Forum rule violation may result in actions being taken that can include content edits, written warnings as well as temporary suspension and permanent ban depending on the severity and frequency of the offense. Attempting to bypass a ban by accessing the forums with another account will result in a permanent, immediate ban.


1.1 - Breaking or encouraging others to break any of Jagex's rules

  • Violating Jagex's official RuneScape Rules on this forum is cause for being permanently banned from the Tip.it forums.


    This includes but is not limited to:

    • Admitting to violating any RuneScape Rules or encouraging others to violate them
    • Discussing how to cheat, hack, or otherwise manipulate the game
    • Selling signatures, images, or other intellectual property for Runescape Gold
    • Discussion of private servers--inviting, advertising, or otherwise
    • Discussion of and / or using unapproved third party software (keyloggers, trojans, unapproved game clients) to gain unfair advantages
    Unapproved 3rd Party Clients and Rulebreaking Content on Outgoing links are not permitted.


    This includes but is not limited to:

    • Links to downloads or hosting sites for unapproved 3rd party clients
    • Programs that manipulate the RuneScape cache (pictures of the cache are permitted so long as they do not discuss how they were obtained)
    • Links to sites that contain physical content that violates RuneScape Rules in any way, shape, or form
    • Sites that contain advertisements linking to other rulebreaking sites are permitted with the understanding that these are not a part of the website's content and there is limited control that site owners have over such advertisements.
    The approved 3rd Party Clients are:
    • SwiftKit
    • DGSweeper
    These clients may be discussed and linked to at will, but there are no other exceptions and we are not accepting any "submissions" for approved 3rd Party Clients.


    The following list of activities/groups may not be explicitly against RuneScape Rules, but Tip.It has taken a stance against them and they are not permitted on our forum. We are disallowing them because they are either against the spirit of the game, or have a high risk of involving scams. General discussions about them are okay, but advertisements are not permitted. This rule applies to:

    • Luring a player from a safe zone to a PvP zone (included, but not limited to: wilderness, dangerous clan wars, etc.)
    • Price manipulation clans
  • Trust trades are permitted so long as the person organizing the trust trade is the person assuming the risk
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1.2 - Irritating Posting Styles/Spamming

In order to maintain an environment that promotes ease in the exchange of information, spamming is prohibited.


Spamming includes posting entire messages using excessive formatting (all caps), posting the same message repeatedly, cross posting the same message in multiple forums, making pointless threads or replies (such as "+1" posts), begging (for yourself or another player), posting referral links* in posts or signatures, excessive use of "smilies"/characters/spaces/blank lines/nested quotes, and so on.


Additionally, do not pointlessly bump old threads unless you're contributing to the topic. You may bump a topic in the Marketplace or a very important thread elsewhere, but not whilst the thread is still on the first page of the forum.


*Whether or not a link is a referral link is left up to a moderator's discretion.

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1.3 - Flaming, Violence, Harassment & Pointless Vulgarity

Heated debates are allowed across the entire forum, so long as users debate opinions or challenge ideas, but refrain from insulting the people behind them. Unacceptable forms of conduct include (but not limited to) intentionally posting false arguments, intentionally misquoting other users, name-calling, posting flames or personal attacks for no other purpose than to incite a negative reaction, annoying others, or disrupting a discussion. Depending upon the context these can be considered flaming or trolling, both which are taken very seriously on the forums. Harassing users via PM, profile comments, multiple threads, etc is also forbidden and will be dealt with harshly. If someone is harassing, flaming, or trolling you, do not hesitate to use the Report button, or contact any member of the moderation staff.


Posts that are disparaging toward any religion, race, nation, social status, gender, or sexual orientation are strictly forbidden. User names (and profile information) may not be offensive, vulgar, profane, or abusive. Excessive or obscene cursing will be edited or deleted. We have a censor in place to disguise certain inappropriate words. Bypassing it with text, images or videos will cause your post to be edited, deleted, or more severe punishments for repeat offenders. Any post explicitly sexual in nature, abusing our censor, or in any way violating the law, may be edited or removed and the user may be banned (at the discretion of the Administrators).


You may post videos and pictures that contain profanity provided that it is minimal and not highly offensive and the video(s)/picture(s) must be in hide tags with a vulgarity warning. This applies to posts only; profanity is not permitted in avatars, signatures, or profile pages.

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1.4 - Stay on Topic


If you want to discuss a subject that is not currently addressed, create a new thread. Always be specific with your post's title, the subject line should indicate what's inside the thread. ("Look here!" or "Read!! This is important!" do not constitute acceptable thread titles). Always choose the appropriate forum in which to place your thread. For example, there is an entire section of RuneScape boards for talk about RuneScape and an Off-Topic board for Non-RuneScape discussions. If you wish to advertise your site you can do so on the Off-Topic - Advertise your thing here thread. (Do not private message forum users to advertise your website). Please use PM (private messages) when you wish to talk directly to a user.


Do not post any material that is protected by copyright, trademark or other proprietary right without the express permission of the owner.


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1.5 - Naming Names

Creating topics solely to draw negative attention on another player is classified as spam. Since we are in no way associated with Jagex LTD, we're unable to help if you have been scammed/hacked/etc. As a result, topics/posts like these are not productive and will be removed. If you are attempting to alert your community members of a scam, a dangerous glitch, or a current event that affects the community at large then be sure that the focus of your topic is educating people/warning people and not simply finger-wagging or else you risk removal. Whether or not a topic fits that description is up to moderator's discretion.


If your topic or post was removed for naming and shaming and you disagree with it, or if you feel you are the target of harassment, feel free to contact an administrator.

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1.6 - Highly Controversial Topics

These conversations tend to lead to violent outbursts based on strong personal beliefs. Be careful when discussing such subjects as topics that get out of control will be removed and action will be taken depending on the severity. Controversial topics include but are not limited to discussions on drugs or the use of illegal drugs, beliefs/opinions on religion, political subject matter (i.e., new governmental laws, candidates, etc.), abortion, sexual orientation and/or highly controversial current events. This applies to all forums, threads, posts, private messages, profiles, avatars and signatures.


Please note: We also do not allow posts or discussions containing religious references of any kind outside of the General Discussions category, where moderate and sensible discussion relating to religion is allowed. See section 2.4 - Signatures and Avatars for the rules regarding highly controversial topics in signatures, avatars and profiles.

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1.7 - Volunteering Personal Information

For your privacy and security, asking for or volunteering certain personal contact information is not permitted. This consists of full name, city of residence, street address, telephone number(s) and password/account details. Photographs are permitted so long as they are not pictures of license plates, house numbers, or any of the contact information listed above. Pictures that are particularly revealing (i.e. no shirt on for no reason or for the purpose of displaying abs, etc.) are not permitted. But casual pictures at the beach/pool/etc. where the person is in a swimsuit, is okay.


This applies to all forum posts, avatars and signatures. Posting any of the above information on private messages/forums is permissible at the user's risk.

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1.8 - Advertising

Direct advertising is only permitted in our "Advertise your thing here!" thread and in signatures. Directing to or crediting other sites is acceptable if it is relevant to the body of content posted and so long as it is not the main reason for the content to be published. Relevancy is to be determined at a moderator or administrator's discretion. Exceptions to our advertising guidelines that are NOT permitted anywhere on the forums include but are not limited to: website solicitations (ebay, etc); pyramid or click scams; referral links (determined at a moderator's discretion); chain letters; etc.

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For updates to the rules and guidelines, refer to Announcements, Rules and Security Warnings! located at the top of the main index.


2.1 - English is the only language used on Tip.It Forums

We understand that English is not everyone's native tongue. All ask is that if you post something in another language besides English, you must also post an English translation of it. It doesn't have to be perfect, as long as you try to get it as close as you can. Non-English text is allowable in signatures, avatars and profiles (both images and text) as long as an English translation is provided or can be provided upon request of an Administrator or Moderator. We do not require a translation within the actual signature, avatar or profile because we understand there are space limitations. But if a translation is not provided upon request, the content will be removed.

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2.2 - Posting on Behalf of Banned Users

Banned users have violated a policy or rule of this site. Banned users may not ask other users to post on the forums on their behalf.

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2.3 - BBCode may be used only for images, links, or non-disturbing (excessive) text

Use of images, flash, or text within the body of a message may be restricted as deemed necessary by Moderators for board performance issues. Always convert your images to '.gif', '.jpg', or '.png' graphic formats before posting. Never use .bmp's as their size is large and bandwidth consuming. You should also 'crop' all images before posting to reduce their physical size and prevent forum distortion.

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2.4 - Signatures and Avatars

Forum Signature Limits are 700 pixels wide by 300 pixels high by 750Kb file size. There is a 10 image limit to a signature, but the combined dimensions/file size of all the images may not exceed 700 x 300 pixels x 750Kb. Avatar limits are 100 pixels wide by 100 pixels high, by 100Kb file size. Images in hide tags are still subject to our size restrictions. For signatures with images (regardless of size or how many) there will be a limit of 4 lines of text or 10 lines of text if you put them inside a hide tag. Each use of quote tags counts as one line of text in addition to the number of lines being quoted. In the case of signatures without images, please exercise common sense with the amount used. Excessive text in an imageless signature and other excessive or disruptive images or text will be removed at a moderator's discretion.


We do not permit racial or sexual references/proclamations in signatures or avatars. This includes images and text. Religious references are allowable in signatures/display names/profiles so long as the reference is not negative or bashing other groups. Racial and sexual orientation content is permitted in the About Me section of profiles only, as long as the content is not bashing another race/sexual orientation. All religious, racial, and sexual orientation references are subject to removal at a moderator's discretion if abuse is suspected and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


All other Tip.it Forum Rules apply in signatures, avatars and profiles (including the About Me section). However, the board Administrators reserve the right for final authorization and may approve, request you to change, or outright remove any image or text regardless of size, especially if it's deemed inappropriate.

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2.5 - Display Names

What is the difference between Login Name and Display Name? A login name is what you use to log in to your forum account; login names never change and it will always be what you login with. A display name is the name visible to the public on forum posts and on user profiles.


All forum users have the ability to change their forum display name three (3) times per 365 days. It can be any 3 times within the year, but once all 3 changes are used, a new display name cannot be set until that year has expired. Staff will NOT be taking display name change requests if you have used all your changes up. To help keep track of users, you can add them to your friends list, or you can use the "Display Name History" option at the top of each of their posts or from within their profile.


Display names are held to the same standards as login names when it comes to appropriateness and user identity. Basic symbols, including spaces, are permitted. ( - _ ! # % & ( ) * + - . = ? @ ^` { } ¡ ¢ £ ¤ ¥ § © « ¬ ® ° ² ³ µ ¹ » ¿ ~ ¤ ƒ æ ) All other Tip.it Forum Rules also apply to display names. Your username should not be illegible or otherwise difficult to read. You are not able to change your name to anybody's display name or login name. Names that are vulgar, offensive, abundant in superfluous symbols or otherwise irritating/inappropriate will lead to having your display name changed and could result in loss of display name privileges and/or temporary or permanent bans. We reserve the right to change unsuitable names or to remove validating accounts with unsuitable names at any time without warning.


Impersonating Tip.it Staff Members, Jagex Staff Members or other forum members is unacceptable. If you receive messages from anyone claiming to be Jagex Staff or anyone claiming to be tip.it staff not on this list, report them using our report function.

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2.6 - Private Messages

Unless otherwise noted, all Tip.it Forum Rules apply to private messages. This includes but is not limited to flaming, advertising and all of the Jagex rules. If the Tip.it Staff receives a complaint about the content of a private message, it will be dealt with as if it were a post and action may be taken against the offender. If you wish to report a private message, please utilize the "/!\ Report" button, do not create a topic on the public forums. Private messages are intended to be private and as such, posting them publicly without clear consent from the other party(s) involved is not permitted.

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2.7 - Penalties

Users who break these rules may have their posts moved, edited, or deleted. Moderators are not required to note the reason for edit or removal of a post. Please direct your questions regarding the reason behind removal or edit of a thread to the board Moderator through a PM (private message). Habitual or severe violators may have their posting privileges removed, and their accounts and/or IPs suspended or permanently banned. Tip.It Moderators and Administrators will use their best judgment in deciding the most appropriate course of action. If you feel that any Moderator has made an inappropriate decision, please contact an Administrator - do not post about it publicly. See this thread for more information on filing a complaint.


NOTE: We are unable to distinguish the difference between users who use the same PC/IP address via router, proxy, or other means to use the forums, aside from their username. This means that if you are banned, then any other names "you" have will also be banned. If you misbehave on the forums and get banned, your entire family, household, or school could potentially also lose their posting rights. It is up to YOU to follow the forum rules so this does not become an issue. Ban Appeals with a reason of "It wasn't me, it was my brother" will unfortunately need to be declined as there is no way for us to prove or disprove your claim.

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2.8 - Tip.It Staff

Moderators and Administrators of this site monitor your compliance with the rules of the site and dispense disciplinary action at their discretion. Any posts containing inappropriate content will either be edited or removed from the forums and posting such words/phrases/content after being warned can result in being suspended from Tip.It forums for a given amount of time defined by the infraction and the Staff Member. If you are consistent about posting this sort of content after you have been warned you will be permanently banned from the site. NOTE: Only Administrators and Super Moderators have the power to do this. There are always at least 2 people involved in putting a ban in place - the Moderator who finds a breaking of the rules and the Administrator or Super Moderator who takes the action they feel is appropriate.


Tip.It Moderators and Administrators use their discretion in taking any actions. They are here to ensure the rules are applied, to keep order, and to help members. Posting personal attacks against Tip.It Moderators or Staff Members for taking these actions is not tolerated. If you disagree with an action taken by a Moderator, DO NOT confront Tip.It Moderators or Staff Members anywhere on the forums, NOR anywhere else (3rd party messenger programs, chats, etc). Please attempt to resolve the issue through PM's (private messages) in a professional manner. If you are not satisfied with the resolution, please send your complaint to a Tip.It Administrator. Moderators will give everyone the respect they deserve, it's only fair they get the same in return.


Impersonating or acting like a Tip.It Moderator or Staff Member is forbidden and can result in disciplinary action. This includes use of "Official Tip.It" in thread topics, descriptions or content as well as using Tip.it Staff avatars as your avatar, signature, etc. If a user finds a thread or post that is inappropriate please report the thread or post and let the administration and moderating staff handle the situation.

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2.9 - Monitoring

Although the Tip.It Administrators and Moderators will attempt to remove posts/images that are objectionable or in violation of the stated forum rules, it is impossible for us to review all messages. The Report Post Function may be used to alert staff members of any inappropriate topics or posts. Detailed information about this feature can be found below. We have the ability and right to edit or remove objectionable messages/images and we will make every effort to do so within a reasonable time if it is determined that the action is appropriate.

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2.10 - Report Post Function

All posts contain a "/!\ Report" icon in the bottom left hand corner. This button allows users to report bad posts to our Moderator Team. This system is designed to save users from having to write private messages to individual Moderators and generates single report for all Moderators with abilities in the forum. Upon clicking the report icon you will be presented with a section to add any comments. Including a link to the post is not necessary as the system includes this information automatically. Reporting posts is also subject to the same 45-second flood limit as making posts. Please use good judgment when reporting posts to the Moderators, somebody calling you a "noob" or not agreeing with your opinion is not a reason to submit a report on their posts. Abusing this system can and WILL result in action being taken against your account on our forums!

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2.11 - Forum Polls

All users have the ability to add polls to their topics if warranted. Should you feel the topic you have created would benefit from having a poll added, you may add one using the poll options of the main post in your topic. Topics with polls that do not warrant the feature will be removed at a moderator's discretion. Abuse of the poll feature or repeat offenders may lose the ability to create polls for themselves, in which case you must PM a moderator or administrator to add a poll to your topic. If the Administrator or Moderator decides your topic warrants a poll, one will be added.

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The Code of Conduct applies to both public and private messages. Users authorize the Administrator to make use of any concepts, opinions, or other creative materials posted on the forum boards without compensation or other recourse. The Administrators are not responsible for the messages or the content therein. We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy of any message. Each message expresses the sole views of the poster. The act of posting on Tip.It forums constitutes your acceptance of and agreement to be bound by this Forum's Code of Conduct. Anyone who does not agree with the rules may leave the forums. We provide this service for you. The least you can do is cooperate with us.

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Tip.It respects your privacy. The personal information you provide on this site is accessible only by designated staff and is used only for the purposes for which you provide the information. Personal information will never be released to third parties except to further the purpose for which you provide the information (such as sending your complaint to an advertising firm for action) or if release is required by law or is pertinent to judicial or governmental investigations or proceedings. There are no other circumstances under which we will provide your information to third parties and we will never sell personal information to anyone.


Personal information includes, but is not limited to: IP addresses or hostnames used to access this website, your registration e-mail address (if not already publicly viewable), your full name, your mailing address, etc. For more information, please view our Complete Privacy Policy.


Information and content found on Tip.It is protected by copyright and may never be reproduced. Refer to our About page for our full policy. If you are unsure of what is permitted and prohibited by this policy, please contact an Administrator.

Finally: Have fun and be nice! Everyone takes responsibility for the atmosphere of the forums; they should be a fun and friendly place to be a part of.


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