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lil' lite PhpBB3 online banner thingy. (PhpBB3 MOD)


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just copy-pasted out of the staff lounge of RV. I've quit from RV so i don't care if this is leaking or not, and anyway i wrote it :P




So, how to get it to work: (all file locations are respectibe of the root directory)




open viewtopic.php






'S_ONLINE'				=> ($poster_id == ANONYMOUS || !$config['load_onlinetrack']) ? false : (($user_cache[$poster_id]['online']) ? true : false),




after, add:


'ONLINE_TXT'		=> ($poster_id == ANONYMOUS || !$config['load_onlinetrack']) ? '' : (($user_cache[$poster_id]['online']) ? $user->lang['ONLINE'] : $user->lang['OFFLINE'] ),

'ONLINE_COLOR'			=> ($poster_id == ANONYMOUS || !$config['load_onlinetrack']) ? '' : (($user_cache[$poster_id]['online']) ? "green" : "red" ),






open language/en/common.php






'STATISTICS'				=> 'Statistics',




after, add:


'STATUS'					=> 'Status',


save/close all files.




go into admin panel; styles; templates; edit template




open viewtopic.html in the styles edit thing:















after, add:


{L_STATUS}: {postrow.ONLINE_TXT}




commit the changes.








Colours are included with it, but are a seperate variable because i'm lazy.




You can preview it here




here's an image:






i'f you want to use on these forums, feel free ;) But it's free code for anyone to use if they wish

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We already have something that says whether you are online or offline... :|


I wrote it as a replacement for the banner, which on some forums can look quite out of place. It also free's up a bit of space in the side panel for you to use for MODs like the custom title MOD etc.

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