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Reducing the amount of reserved MFT space


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I've noticed recently that the size of my MFT file has increased dramatically over the past week to about 5GB+. I know that normally this is used for system restore, but I have this set to the minimum level, as I normally back my data up using DVDs (I think it's more secure). Is there anything else I can to lower the amount of space it takes up? My laptop seems to do fine on <0.5GB so why does my PC need so much?




Many thanks :)



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The MFT is nothing to do with system restore. But you can delete a lot of restore points and rubbish if you want. MFT is the Master File Table, it's the table that contains all your file names, where they are on the disk etc. A bit like the File Allocation Table on a FAT system.




C:\System Volume Information is where your restore points are kept, it us usually hidden.




Also look in your windows folder and you can remove anything starting with a $, these are roll backs for updates. You don't need them.




Both the above you will need to show all files and folders and probably show files marked as system.

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