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After finishing Rocking Out, the quest guide says you can now raise an Ex-Ex-Parrot. Tipit doesn't mention this, runehq and zybez both do, but none say how. Does anybody know?




You can get the (dead) parrot from 50 Ships Mufassah, and a Magic Cage from Bill Teach. You can put the parrot in the cage, but that just gives you a dead parrot in a cage.




When you put the dead parrot in the cage, it 'pines woefully'.. How can a dead parrot pine? Does the cage bring him back to life? Do you just have to wait a few hours? Can anybody help me with this?

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Do you mean inside the cave? There's nothing on the outside but two boulders either side of the entrance, and a pickaxe doesn't take anything off them..




There is, however, a slab with a picture of a black mask on it. Using any item on it gives the message 'Something sinister happens a long way off. But for all intents and purposes nothing interesting happens.'


This what you mean?

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Just tried it myself and got an ex-ex-parrot now




get the cage and the parrot


then put the parrot in the cage


west of the entrance of the cave is the slab; use the cage with the ex-parrot in it on the slab


now you got an ex-ex-parrot




then use chisel on the slab to get the thing he eats (it's not stackable unfortunitaly)

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aah, didn't try that. Good thing I'm still there ;)




Thanks for that - I went back and got a chisel, getting a block of the stone, but didn't think to use the cage on the block.




Thanks again :)




P.S: Don't forget a summoning level of 71 is required.

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