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  1. I just gottan firecape (also fail at prayswitching) with similar set-up, but i still ranged. explained it in this topic on rsof Quick find code: 98-99-815-63498969
  2. I've written a sort of charm-reachableLevel calculator (pretty basic type) in C and could use some feedback about it and was wondering if anyone with xp making calculators could take a look at it if I mail it (or any other way i can pass it on) Basicly what it does: if you give in your summon-level and the ammount of charms you have, it will tell you what level you can reach with them (I used the xp-tabel and xp-calculator on tip.it for data) follow assumptions: * first using up all gold charms, then green, crimson, blue * for each type of charm always making the pouch that gives most experience AND has a tradeable second (so no talon beasts, abby charms, obby charms) * calculations in the program are done level by level (* for now, it tells what's your end-level and how manny of each charm you got left (because i didn't yet include getting part of a level with one type of charm and the next part with another type)) I would also like feedback of what people think of its usefulness: not everyone makes the most-xp giving pouches (due financial reassons) and sometimes it's better to use some crimsons first before using your golds. edit: feel free to pm me for more details
  3. It was a nice quest short overview posted in beginning guides; but please don't expect a fullgrown-guide of me the cape only works as an accumulator inside SW [hide=cape stats](but it's a decent cap anyways: +8 in all def-stats, +12pray)[/hide]
  4. Skip to next paragraph if you're lazy. Same stuff as I usually say: This ain't a real guide, just a short overview; if you want a real guide with pics, feel free to make one (any stuff inhere may be used to help making a real guide) A big thanks to: Morionic, homowz, bobo items needed: pickaxe fire-spell (lowlevel, and bring some super restores) hometabs if you're lazy and got a mounted glory a lot of food extremes if you have them p pots (melee pray is adviced to avoid damage) proseleyte is nice for praybonus do the SW tutorial and play a game if you didn't do that yet talk to the imp search tent go into the west tunnel (follow the pipe) start the puzzle on the top floor, work your way down at the second-lowest floor, mine the rubble (pickaxe) first get the water flowing so the machine gets disabled, then let the water flow through the hole in the mined rubble (for this puzzle: some are with levers, other are pushable, like slidingpuzzles of clues; the canals in the blocks are shown on top of them) second puzzle (follow the other pipe): kill guardians (not sure if needed) take fuel, and lay one on the floor, lure the creatures inside the machine under the waterfall that way through arcane door1 right side go to the right, enter the door, (fire spell and pray piety to prevent damage (credit to Bobo this)) take the slabs that lay arround, make a trail over the dirt stuff, blow barrels near machine left side kill the guardians, and follow the roots on the ground, destroying the seperate roots sticking out back to the machine: big avatar appears (pray melee; since he got massive hp, ruby bolts might be nice; i just meleed him and used quite some p pots) kill it (just takes a while; if a root appears, destroy it, else it heals back to full health, althought it only does so like 3 times) method of Homowz: some help for the decaded avatar: if u range/mage/hally him from inside the hallway u dont need any prayer... also, in stead of teleing out if u need food, just log out, ull end up at the sw bank when u log back in tele out stock up for Nomad, set quickpray to piety only enter arcane door2; have a nice conversation this is a real hard fight: i'm 137cb, and needed a packyack and inventory full of tuna pots (although I must admit I'm not good at bosses) the fight: normally: just melee and pray piety or other stat-boosting prays or curses (protection-prayers don't work) "lets make things even"/"fear my wrath": prepare for a hihgh hit (75 or so) "lets test your senses" : he summons some mirages, you'll attack them one by one, sometimes his mirages fail though if he freezes you: put of piety, eat till full health (he hit me for 98 each time he did so; others confirmed he hits your max hp - 1) afterwards, pot/eat up and attack him again these events repeat until he's low in health (he also regain a chunck of health one time) the second time he's low on health, he gets into some kind of rage, just watch your health and finish him off (he attacks verry fast, but less accurate) if you die, you spawn at soulwars itself, with your grave in the sw-graveyard (i died 2 times) *Tips from Morionic: **soul split works, use it if you can =D **and range/mage him when he's farcasting
  5. Get slayhelmet if you don't got it yet (unless you willing to compete with lots of people for a spot) and go camp abberant spectres. Buy the seconds and the waterfilled vials.
  6. Ell, when summon came out, I had somewhere between 70 and 74 slay; by the time I reached 99 slay, I also had achieved 96 summon. So basicly I'd estimate when slaying, you'll collect charms worth about 0,8xp for every 1 slay-xp.
  7. Nice. When the guide is on, this topic can be locked/removed
  8. give or take 48k smith-xp per clay hammer if you're looking for cost/efficient method, superheating mith bars can be a nice change.
  9. crow


    a hint: you can get cider from miscelania (the pub in the cave of royal trouble)
  10. First: if you want a real guide with pictures and such: go make it yourself. I'm to lazy to make more than a short overview/walkthrough. Any constructive remarks are welcome (maybe I find the courage to make some improvements) all stuff inhere can be used in another guide, if you're making a decent guide If I forgot something, or made a small mistake: don't shoot me ;) Stuff needed/suggested (the stuff with ** are things of which you need the most, but not necessary all) * crush weapon (and other stuff to kill lvl41 skeletons and a golem; a few optional monsters up to 72cb: those are singleway cb) ** saw + hammer ** willow log + knife ** grain + pot ** spice + wine ** spring squirk ** charos(a) * (pickaxe) * (fairy ring acces) * (glory) * (food: for the trap-puzzle part) 1) Talk to Leela in Draynor village (north-east of bank, she's just north-west of the jailhouse property) 2) Go to the pyramid (dlq fairy ring and run east); be prepared to take on some level 41 monsters (Highly adviced: crush weapon) 3) inside the pyramid: rumbling the skeletons awakens a cursed looter (you can talk to the golem in the east corridor); there's some broken AMC-stuff (Ali Morrisane) 4) ignore the 2 north doors; go to the west side, push open the big door. Kill the skeletons. Attack the golem with a crush-type attack 5) In this trip you should have gotten: * mummy hand * canope jar * pyramid notes * scroll of the death (* amc gear) If you got this stuff, go talk to Leela again 6) get a spring squirk&juice and go talk to ali morrisane (north of al kharid; between duel arena and gnome glider) he sends you to reldo (varrock castle library), reldo asks a flyer, then back to reldo; charos(a) needed to get the original scroll (no 2nd squirk needed) (I'm not sure if you can do this stuff as number 6) 7) before going back to the pyramid get the following stuff: * knife, willow logs * saw&hammer * pot of grain (use grain on pot) * spiced wine (spice can be bought off culinomancer chest) * fire runes * name scroll, the canopic jar and mummyhand (* pickaxe) 8) go back to the room with the golem you killed and go downstairs 9) take the canopic jar at the west side, take the 2 jars and the mummy at the east side 9b) go to the shortcut, (then multiroom with lvl41 scarabs) and go up more, go down again: shortcut for later 10) downstairs still: go to the center room: there's a puzzle 11) walk over it (in the journal it says what combinations are traps, which do up to 18damage; try staying on the same color tiles) 12) (you just need to do enough tasks to get the queen 75% complete; or just max it out) 12a) pray at the statues (refill pray by praying a second time); gives some pray-xp 12b) fix the table and chair; place the wine and grain; carve the statue until it's perfect 12c) use the hand with the mummy, put it in the coffin, place the jars on the rack (west side) 12d) go to the west, kill the shadow, lit a burner (don't remember what order), repeat (at the end the shadow is maybe lvl 72 or so) 12e) talk to the queen 13) talk to Leela, quest done Most experience is during the quest itself; talking with the queen afterwards gives you some nice historic background
  11. Train slayer; you'll end up with some melee 99's
  12. crow

    Slayer Sucks

    99 slayer funded about all my summonlevels. You're noob to think slay sucks. You're just to lazy to train it.
  13. Get the xp-rewards (or pets if you really want) hp is fast, but you'll end up with 99 hp anyways when getting the other stats to 99. I heard, and agree with it, that magic is the best to spend the points on: it's pretty good xp and it's free. Range can be good too if you don't like ranging monsters for xp
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