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Auto map Updates?

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Well, I was playing runescape when I get the urge to try out the new world map. I check out a couple things and then head to the Meiyrdicht and notice something strange. These little triangles at the corner of Drakan's Castle. These little triangles were blinking and changing colors. :shock:




Well me and a friend checked these out. I was on fullscreen and could see them clearly, while he, being on normal, could not easily see them. Anyway, I began debating this to be an update to the map, or at least an update. We couldn't come up with a good conclusion after a while. I was however able to take a pic...unfortunatly it does not show the blinking, but it does show the multi-colors of green, blue, and brown. You can see it below the castle's tower.








Also notice the palm trees.....where did they get palm trees?

I am nice. . .

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