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  1. Couldn't agree more on this. Abyss pker were what made runecrafting fun. I totally lost interest in Rcing after they removed pking.
  2. No padlock? He's black and he's talking about steal stuff, I wouln'd trusted that.
  3. Post a bank pic Gamerr You Fhk0r Y0u Fhk0r.
  4. if i recall, it has no street value since they crashed already FML.
  5. 99 defence, 133 combat p2p, 123 combat f2p, maxed melee. Thanks alot to my very good old friend Theozys, my first ever clan leader. I've knew him since 2006. Time to skill :)
  6. I've had countless of rune chain, rune med, 5-6 whip, 1 head... I think it's pretty rare.
  7. I was killing iron drag on my pure, when my brothers started talking to me, as I was talking to him I got killed by an iron drag losing 10m worth of stuff. My brothers, who played runescape as long as me, KNEW I was getting killed never said a word about it. It was last week. Trying to get into member area while in f2p for hours. Falling for the verac's helm/skirt scam. Training on monkey guard yesterday, my pray ran out while I was stuck near ladder. I menaged to get my [wagon] to the altar, charged my pray, 6 hp left, clicking on pray MAGE, then writing 'Lol that was close' and getting koed. I got back in time ofc but I then realised torso disapear nowadays when you die? It wasn't like that back in the days I played omfg.
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