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help for mid crater bh


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are you f2p or p2p?






if f2p, then full geen d'hide, and bring SOME runes for fire blast.




if mem, then i suggest rune c'bow with you fav bolts,blk d'hide chaps and vambs, mystic top and hat, and qcients them.

forever F2pbritt662.png

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Hi i just got back to the game and have members




combat 85


mage 91


range 81


attack 68


str 67


def 60


hp 75




how should i bounty hunt - tips please thank you




Well first off, if your a mem you will prolly do well as an Ancient Dagger Pure with 90 Att 70 Def 99 HP 99 Mage 99 Range 99 Str 72 Prayer Max stats and DO NOT COMPLETE WOLF WHISTLE


(you can start fighting


bring Bloods, Deaths and waters at a 2-2-3 ratio Using Ice blitz and Ice+Blood Blitz to start a fight with low HP or just to gain HP quick when the person is owning you, Bring a super set, zammy/sara/super restore pots if you want and also bring a super antipoison as well as, Mystic/ghostly top and bottom Neit Helm, Glory Ammy, Ring of Recoil, Whip/DScim and Pray Book, Climbing Boots and D/Rune Boots and RFD Gloves/Black Dhide Gloves, God Cape / Skillcape / Fire Cape / Obsidian Cape and have a Black Dhide Chest in ur inventory just incase, as well as a DDS to finish your opponent after killing them with ice blitz / blood blitz / d scim / whip.


The rest is sharks.




Fighting is simple, Drink pots, Ice blitz target, Put on Black Dhide Chest if they are maging, Blood Blitz if low on HP, then run in when you have high HP and turn on Protect Item Protect melee/range/mage prayer and of course piety and own with d scim / whip, or if they are low then run in with DDS and spec out, If you get low fighting him ice blitz and back out and blood blitz, and if they are ranging or maging you just eat sharks and keep killing them with your Scimmy / Whip




If any comments please pm me


99 Slayer... Never gonna trim you up.

Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

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