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Zammy Wizard outside the Wilderness?


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So I'm a bit worried, it says in the co-ordinates section of the treasure trail guide here that it's possible to get a Zamorak wizard if your clue leads you to somewhere outside the Wilderness and if that happens then "count your blessings..."


Has anyone here ever had this? What happens? I can't find any information on it anywhere...





Along the coast road, by the headland

The early lights of winter glow.

Ill pour a cup to you my darling.

Raise it up --- say cheerio.

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Its a good think, since the zammy mage is 40 lvls lower and only attacks with magic, as opposed to the sard mage, who attacks with a dds and and magic, and is usually the one who appears on cooords outside of the wilderness

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are you sure u didnt read it wrong, i never met a zammy mage outside of a wildy clue, though like the last guy i wouldnt mind




maybe a glitch due to runescape hd




edit: i read the guide and saw what u mean, i hope its true



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