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Ready for Bandos


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Fine, unless you want to use torag plate as well, you can either go max range defence for his range attack or a mix of range/mage [which you have] for steelwills magic attack. I normally just use a set of torags.




Use a glory for your first time if you aren't familiar with solo'ing, sometimes you can get piled quite a bit, i always use glory since i lagged and it torags protected over it :z

I'm at Karamja ranging lessers... if I don't kill him in time people run underneath my foe and steel my arrows. Why! Have some decency and let me finish off the monster and get my arrows that I earned you PIG! Otherwise i have to run out to grab my arrows, get hit, and go back.. and guess what!, by then they stole my lesser! BASTARD!


100% P2P

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