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    How do you deal with haters? Are they even a problem to you? Do you even have anyone who just didn't like you for no apparent reason? Anyways, I've been hated on from time to time but I personally just try to not deal with them. I'll probably edit this post later after I get some sleep.
  2. And when has it been since Jagex refunded money because of hackers? :rolleyes: Easier said than done. Although the given solution seems obvious (You can tell who bots and who doesn't) It will be very hard to execute this properly without ANY traces of flaws. Jagex can't just decide and ban everyone who has messy names, or wears the signature "botting" outfit at green dragons. You may be able to ban a large portion of botting, but at the cost of banning legitimate players who happened to act identical to bots. This will yield lots of complaints and I hardly doubt Jagex will want any of that more than the botting itself.
  3. There are more ways to "recover" an account without putting sensitive information on your computer. The perpetrator could of instead been around the computer that has a history of the account's loggin and installed a software discreetly without the owner knowing it was downloaded. The perp could of been an acquaintance or a friend of the hacked person. Second of all, he could of been phished out of his details but overlooked it. There are plenty of people who do stupid things on the web but doesn't want to admit it in public. Seriously, who really wants to tell to everyone who's reading this thread, "Hey, i got hacked because "Jagex" sent me a false representation mail and i decided to check it out but it stole my password and everything instead."
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