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Possible addition to TT Guide

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If you DO get a Saradomin Wizard, he will attack you with a poisoned dagger if you use prayer and have Protect-from-Magic ON. If you have Protect-from-Melee ON, he will attack you with magic. The best way to defend yourself against this very strong wizard is to wear full dragonhide and attack him with Protect-from-Melee ON.




From my personal experience, wearing good melee defence armor and using Protect from Magic works much better.


I have 80 def and 89 hp.


When using protect from melee (wearing Karil's top and skirt = Mage def +119) I take about half health damage before killing the mage, but when I use protect from magic (wearing Torag's body and legs = Stab+316, Slash+312, Crush+302) I take about 1/4 health damage, although I do need one dose of antipoison during the fight. The rest of my equipment would be: Helm of Neitiznot, Amulet of Glory, Dragon boots, Abyssal Whip, Ring of wealth, Barrows Gloves, Legend's Cape, and Obsidian Shield (Toktz-ket-xil) where the only negative magic bonus comes from the boots.




Just wanted to suggest this because I think for those with higher defence, it would be annoying to spend more on using lets say 2 sharks (about 1.8k worth) instead of one shark and one dose of antipoison (<1k worth). IMO, every bit counts in the long run ;)




Just an idea :) If it's not worth adding, no problem, but it may be helpful to some people. ::'




PS: sorry for no screenshots :oops: I don't think I'll be able to get any since I don't have a clue atm and will be mining gold for a while #-o



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Yes but taking an anti-poison is annoying and people would rather just grab some food then get an anti-poison. And also, I just Melee pray with Karils and I usually take 20 damage max. Also, his melee attacks are fast, which is annoying.


Thanks Jason321 for the sig!^


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Barrows items: 55 (not counting the meds)

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generally, higher level players know how they want to fight a wizard and choose their own best method. The recommendations are for someone who hasn't done the fight before and needs some guidance.




There are many different personal strategies, but we do not have the space to list them all.




Thanks, though, for wanting to help.


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