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arrrrrrrrrrrgh sick of these randoms while cooking


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:roll: not another randoms arr!!! there should seriously be a sticky on this.


im going to just say wat i usually say on other randoms r evil topics,




jagex created them there for a purpose, not to make u angry and frustrated but to stop macroes/autoers and other afk training ways. they may be annoying at times but taking them aways would take a big aspect of the game away as well.

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Isn't there a thread about randoms somewhere else?


And does anyone actually read anything Jagex says. They are going to make Randoms less frequent.


You might also have been unlucky...I was cutting trees for three hours and only got a pinball random. Thats it.

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I sees another random topic down below this one. Seriously, just deal with it like everyone else :wall:

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